Name for optics symbology?

On scopes and such there is a certain symbology, often with tick marks at various degrees and mils, or perhaps a rangefinder, etc. ingrained onto the optical lens… I believe there’s a specific term for this, but I can’t figure out what it is. Does anyone happen to know?

…ingrained onto the optical lens…

I don’t understand the picture you are trying to convey.

I don’t know of any such thing that actually is planted on the lens. Are you referring to crosshairs?

Well, it’s probably not on the actual lens - I don’t really know optics that well. It’s probably on some optical plate in the middle.

Anyway, yes, I’m referring to the crosshairs, although on some optics, especially military optics, theres far more than mere crosshairs.

The crosshairs and other “target” stuff you find on a lens is the reticle. You can buy various reticles through Edmund Scientific, among others.

You have to place it at an intermediate imaging plane if you want it to be in focus at the same time as your image.

I looked on the Edmunds website, but all that came up was this:

You can find a lot more in their “hard copy” catalog.

Here are a few reticles from another company:

Huh… I think there’s a seperate term. Reticle refers, I believe, to the actual markings by which you aim, but doesn’t include other things that might be integrated into optics such as rangefinders.

I seem to recall a term that encompassed all of the symbology into a seperate term, mostly used in comparing various schemes. I may just be in error and the whole thing is referred to as the reticle.

Here’s an example of the symbology I’m referring to. Is the entire thing referred to as the reticle, or just the actual aim point?

Here are a few more, with more bells and whistles:

I always understood that the whole diagramatic “overlay”, wether a frame on a camera viewer or a crosshair on a gunsight, is called the reticle (reticule).

Are u after the terms for the subdivisions within the reticle ?

Scales and such ? The pic you posted seems pretty comprehensive in explanation in that case.

Well, yes, the pic explains what it all means well, but I was under the impression that there was a term that specifically described symbologies such as that, and that ‘reticle’ referred specifically to the actual aim point. Perhaps I’m simply incorrect.

I think ChalkPit is right. This item is listed as a reticle in the Edmund Scientific catalog.

Incidentally, have you noticed that modern SLR cameras have LCD reticles? Pretty neat. My new Nikon uses one to indicate which focus point is currently active.