Name For People Who Don't Believe in Retribution.

As I’ve said many times before on these boards, I don’t believe in retribution. Sorry, it’s just the way I am I guess. (In hs, we learned Retribution, Deterrence, Incapacitation and Rehabilitation were the traditional purposes of punishment–and I do believe in the other three naturally:).)

Anyways, is there a name for someone who believes as I do–i.e., no retribution? I basically believe Rehabilitation/Incapacitation are the main duties of government and society.

Yeah, and I am looking for a technical term. Please don’t give me something like a “rehabilitationalist”;).

Thank you in advance to all who reply:)

If theories of punishment that support the retribution principle are classified as retributivism, then it appears that what you are is an anti-retributivist.

Author C.S. Lewis called people who believed in treating the psychopathy that caused criminal behavior “humanitarians” in his defense of the retributive system. (Cite).

Deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation are usually lumped as “Utilitarian” ends for punishment, in that they all go towards the idea, associated with Jeremy Betham and others, that punishment should have some socially beneficial result for the punished as well as society as a whole.

BTW, you can read Bentham’s “Theory of Legislation” which is about penal law, as well as other topics, free on Google Books:

Very simply the retributive system doesn’t work because it is an intrinsic continuation of a shared negative intention. A cause and effect. Kharma, so to speak, but that is a loaded term. I wonder when the west will realize the ever presence of causation, by simple action and reaction, rather than juju-ing it up with the Sweeet Kharmic coating. Retribute Hate with Love. The only end to the chain.Change your mind-Change everything. A buddhist… perhaps is the name.

That is the gift that the Buddha gave everyone. The end to suffering. Kharmic or otherwise.

Easy prey?

Easy to be prey. Hard to be disciplined. Stumble and you’'re the sacrifice… too many Pauls not enough Jesuses.

You’re confusing Buddha and Thanatos again.