name my husband's band

Well, right below this thread title in MPSIMS was the thread title PBS Farting Show. How’s that for a band name?

Eroded Visions

sheer genius. (no, don’t use “sheer genius” as a band name.)
The music sounds not too ironic, so howzabout something serious like:

Hungry Ghost

Blind Nipple
Genetalia Tonic
Men Wearing Balsa
Pavlov’s Vomit

Cleveland Steamer.

Or Pablo.

I second the suggestion to search the SDMB (off-peak hours!) for “band name” and prepare to spend hours and hours cataloguing the hits.

[leader’s name] & the Afterburners
WD-41 (to avoid legal hassles)
Titration (chemistry term)
Frankenstein (as in revived to have a second life; also the metal classic by The Edgar Winter Group)
The Madness of Crowds (a classic 19th-C. book on that and other oddities)
Boys’ Night Out
Eleventh Frame (as in bowling)
Fourth and One (or, “4th-and-1,” fourth-and-one," etc.; football dilemma – do you go for it or punt?)
Squeeze Play (baseball)
Full Court Press (basketball)
Stick The Landing (Olympics cliche, but I love it)
What are the occupations or hobbies of these guys? I’m assuming they’re all guys; if I’m wrong, please let us know. And if you go with any of our suggestions, please let us know about that, too. I for one would love being a sort of Internet-message-board-godmother-of-sorts to an amateur metal band I’ll never see! :slight_smile:

Delusional Visions of Grandeur

Occupations? Sure!

husband - graduate of Columbia Teachers College, high school English teacher in NYC for 7 years, currently a Professional Development Specialist for a major supplemental education company and adjunct professor at Mercy College.

Lead Guitar - Have no clue, I haven’t met him yet

Guitar - supervisor of technicians for a NYC cable company

Bass - manager for a supplier of linens to hospitals, hotels and restaurants in NYC and beyond

Drums - Telecommunications

In addition, both the photo and the song on the link are 7 years old - the long hair is gone and so is the dude second from the left.

Emphasis Mine

Anagrams of Holy Motorpunk include:

Hourly Monk Pot
Poor Monthly UK
Yolk Rum Photon
Look Up My Thorn
Unholy Tom Pork


I really doubt that no one else in the world has thought of this yet, but I’ve never seen it and think it’s pretty kool.

Puppet Show

I think it straddles that fine line between stupid and clever.

Unindicted Co-Conspirators.

The Phlegmtones.

Ebola ( in an affectionate nod to Anthrax, of course :smiley: ).




Bobby Bubbles and the Effervescents.

The Imbibicats.

Pure Wood Grain.

Cartooniverse ( no, that’s not a band name, silly… )

How about:

The Miami Relatives




Al and the Quaidas

As always, I suggest “Humping Pumping Hardcore”.

Someone has to name their band “Humping Pumping Hardcore”, dammit.

The Bitter End

What, do you want the hamsters to die or something? What’d they ever do to you? :smiley:

Oh, and as to the OP:

It’s an old joke, but “Free Beer” or “Everybody Gets Laid.”

The idea being that, when they play a gig, the marquee outside will read “Tonight: Free Beer” or Tonight: Everybody Gets Laid." Guaranteed sellout crowds.