name my husband's band

Previously called Holy Motorpunk in the 90’s

The band has reformed recently, with some new members and they want a name change. Thought dopers would like to give input.

click here to hear

Style of music remains the same, heavy, arse kickin’, etc.

Any suggestions?

Fully Dressed Men?

Well, this page oughtta be good for somethin’.

Nifty Pajamas

From one of my own previous Pit rants, I’ll suggest “God’s Throbbing Prostate.”

There was also a thread in the Pit where people could post possible band names they found in other threads, so as to save the obligabory “band name!” response in the original thread, but for the life of me I can’t find it now. I wonder if it disappeared in the Winter of Missed Content.

  1. Steel Dreams

  2. [Your husband’s name]'s Amazing Clockwork Wizards

  3. Jefferson Chunnel-Borer :wink:

  1. Steal This Band

  2. Men Without Jobs

  3. Steven Hawking’s Voice

Hail Sized Pea

Foam Rubber Titties!

“Hey, have you heard of Foam Rubber Titties?”
“Get away from me.”

My Husband’s Band

Ed McMahon and the Hiyos!

Hey Man! That’s my bike!


Chewed Tube


Running on Rims


Plastic Asscoat


Verbose Mute (nah, too college radio)

I always thought “Lick” would be a good band name.

Do a search on SDMB for “band name” and you will get a load of good (?) hits.

I always wanted to call a band:

Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World

but nobody went for the name. Maybe your husband will.

Stray Current Corrosion

An actual way that aluminum corrodes. You get the Metallic aspect of the band, You get the electrical element of the band.

And, if your husband doesn’t mind, you also get the, “what happens to metal when it gets old” aspect of the band.

I think your question is also your answer, and Biggirl beat me to it.

Autonomous Collective.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher.

Better than Better than Ezra