Help me name my band!

The thread about Eagles of Death Metal made me think this might be a good place to get some ideas for the band I just put together. We’re all professional musicians separately, and have officially decided to start working together as a group. I will write all the songs and play piano, and we’ll have guitar (acoustic and electric), bass, drums, and a lead singer.

The music is kind of adult contemporary/pop; think Elton John, Billy Joel, Randy Newman, Ben Folds, James Taylor. The lead singer is a male but sometimes the female bass player will sing lead, kind of like a Fleetwood Mac situation.

What else do you need to know… Oh, we’ll be doing a few covers too, although the goal is not to be a cover band per se. We know we need to do some songs that people recognize until we establish a core audience for our originals. But we won’t be doing huge hits as our covers; we’re not a wedding band (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and we like the idea of doing B-sides or lesser known songs from the artists I mentioned. But the point is to promote the originals.

I’d like a name that sounds playful but not cartoonish; Barenaked Ladies are on the right track but would be going too far for us. And no names of people in the band; we want a group dynamic that illustrates we’re all equals. If you think it would help to hear the music, you can listen to two songs here (in a spoiler box so it doesn’t look like I’m just trying to drive people to my music): Perfect With You and I Couldn’t Sleep Without You.

Any ideas you have are welcome, thanks!

I like the music. Brings to mind a kind of a Joshua Kadison and Augustana fusion. To me. I like it.

Names? Do a search here for “band name.” And Dave Barry always thought that The Italic Squirrels would be a great band name. I have to agree.

There doesn’t seem to be a band named Doo Wah Diddy and it fits all your criteria. Your music has the same sort of bouncy feel. The name also has an instant recognition factor: it screams music.

You could also try combining some of those names you mentioned. I like Ben Folds Elton John. James Taylor Is A Randy Newman. Fleetwood Mac ‘n’ Cheese?

Or Exapno Mapcase. That’d be good too.

I saw this at a lion country safari-type park and I said if I ever got a band of my own, I was gonna use it. But you’re free to use it instead.

Put the pic on the kick drum. :cool:

Remember to Drop the Feed on the Ground?

Nah. Too long.

“Help Me Name My Band.”

The Band with No Name.
Hombres sin Nombre.
Wow Is That Meta.
(Heavy Meta?)

Won’t fit on the marquee.

The name of their first hit single?

Ha, I LOVE Joshua Kadison! Not sure why I didn’t mention him; I guess I didn’t think anybody else remembered him! I checked out the Dave Barry list; funny stuff but he’s definitely going for over-the-top silly.

An interesting idea but it would probably give the impression that we write '50s-style music (unless listeners are more familiar with the cover, but that’s not us either).


Nice! I’m partial to giraffes myself; maybe Giraffes May Bite? :cool:

You said it right there: Partial To Giraffes. Y’all could get a gig opening for Animals As Leaders, maybe.

Sorry, no biting giraffe signs. They will slime you with that purple tongue, though. “Giraffes May Slime” just doesn’t speak to me. Try this, minus the “I am an,” or this. :smiley:

Masters of Incompetance

Unicycle Crossing

Murky Dirk
Spinners Weasel
Landed Gentry
Bob and Weave

Have You Heard About These Guys?


Have You Heard About These Guys?

Are There any Ladies in This Band?

No Seriously. Those are not band names.

Oh What the Hell.

Name this Band.

Inigo Montoya

Every gig must start with the obvious intro, “Hello, our name is…” See how long it takes for the audience to do it for you.

Bueller Bueller Bueller

Earnest Pleasure

“Band Name”

Talented Assclowns.

What city are you based? You might be able to craft something pithy or catchy from there.

Cheese Grater
Liquid Felon
Fuzzy and Deadly
The Crying Manatees
Discotheque Trainwreck
Butternut Dream
Tire Fire Pyre
Crocodile Herd
The Gelatin Experience
Undue Influence
Placebo Effect
Glass Canopy
Frog People
Aquatic Anomaly
Before There Were Dinosaurs
Repurposed Cannonballs
Made in Narnia
A Whale Could Be King
Subject to Interpretation
This Space Reserved
Little Golden Porcupine
Here Be Dragons
Rusty Skeleton
The Nuclear Option
A Simpler Time
You’ve Probably Never Heard of Us
Slick Pickle