I need a band name. Seriously.

Yesterday I played with my new band last night. It was really fun and the guys we’re real cool and we all clicked pretty good, so I guess it’s a go. There’s a problem though. The name of the band sucks, big time. It’s god. . . Edge of Another. Where’s the puking smilie when you need one? I can tell they really don’t like it themselves and are very open to suggestions. The music is extremely diverse but also very mainstream, acoustic rock. I thought about stealing Satisfying Andy Licious but that wouldn’t be cool, then would it :slight_smile:


I think you should look through troll posts for an interesting phrase (maybe the thread about rock in a box from the pit. a band named “I burning your dog”? lol) to use as your band name. That’s what I did for the stories on this site www.geocities.com/mulderscreek - I found the very amusing statement that Beer Is Not A Sex Crime in a thread last year, and adopted it as the name of one of the character’s band.

The name of the band that I’ll never be in and exists only in my mind is called Back Taxes.

You’re welcome to use it. :smiley:

Torn Shirt Kirk

The Bar Backs. I have no idea why, it just popped into my head.

Call yourselves The Odysseys and see who gets the reference.

Bucky and the Beavertones.


Unfortunately, Jeff Olsen, I don’t. But along the same lines (perhaps?) The New Originals.

The others are pretty good too.

There are some great suggestions in here

Useless ,

Stack of napkins


Useless Stack of Napkins

The Electric Light Orchestra UK

I knew a band called: The Unpaid Bar Tabs.

A friend of mine asked me for a new band name. After tossing out a few, I think my favorite was Essential Tremor.

Bruce_Daddy I can very much relate to what you are going through. I am starting a “Mid-Life Crisis” band and we are casting about for a name.

Obviously, I suggested The Mid-Life Crisis Band, and was banned from offering new band name suggestions for a week. :cool:

Another favorite of mine, rejected by my bandmates, but probably not appropriate for an acoustic rock band, is The Noise Boys - I just think it is fun and cool. And no, no '80’s hair metal-esque funny spellings - e.g., Noyze Boyz, or anything like that.

One thing we are toying with is picking words that have no meaning themselves, per se - that just sound good together. There was a band out of Georgia (?) called Love Tractor that took that approach, and I am sure there are countless others.

Sorry I am not helping with a ton of suggestions - but there are Band Name threads throughout the SDMB so search for those. And I am sure Satisfying Andy Licious would love it if you named your band after him…

Even better - why not Sue Dunhym? Perfect band name.

Jesus-Zilla (Son of Godzilla)
Pontius Pilate and the Nail Driving 5
Ganymede Elegy
The Trust Fund Rockers

Oh, God. I’ve been in bands wherein this issue has been so important that disagreement caused the breakup of the band, and bands where it’s so trivial that our first gig required us to think of a name just to write on the sign outside. Which kind is yours?!

You might find that the name was thought of and is cherished by one of the members, who would feel snubbed if it was cast aside just like that (politics can be everything, don’t be naive).

My suggestion, if this is the case, is to modify the existing name, allowing a non-sucky name and not having the originator’s creativity slighted. Perhaps say, “I like the Edge part, but of Another is too soft sounding, a bit prog-rock. One word names are direct and catchy. How about Edgebreaker or Edgewalker or something?”

Fercrissake, do a list search for threads with the word “band” in the title. You’ll find an endless array of suggestions for band names not currently in use.

Or, if you’ve got a lot of time and it’s not a busy time for the hamsters, search for individual posts with the phrase “Band Name” – you’ll have more suggestions than you know what to do with.

Or you could call yourself High Opal. :wink:

Or, fourthly, I could just post some links:

jarbabyj’s Master Band List thread

And here’s a few punk band names. Very entertaining.


Oooh, I like High Opal!

For my mid-life crisis band, the name is going to be Balding Gray, but I’m not sure how many will get that.

How about Splunge?