Help me name my band!

Best of luck with it, Doo Wah Diddy - band names are hard.

How about something that captures the mood of “adult contemporary”? A band called Augustana - something like that?

Sunday Morning
The Dukes of Good Vibes
The Forest Walk
Naming Clouds

Stuff like that?

My second son’s soccer team a couple of years ago was named “Magic Tacos.”

I like Magic Tacos.

Sam I Am
In The Key Of Cool(better for album name, maybe)
The Setting Sons

The Sunday Cannonballs
Good Vibe Porcupine
The Forest Option
Dragon Clouds

How about “Lost Dog?”

Bonus - you already have flyers EVERYWHERE.

Well, it’s not my type of band, but I’ll try to help (godspeed!, but I haven’t checked if these are taken).

Goats Will Eat Your Shirt
Pluto, When it was a Planet
From Voyager I to You
Made With Sugar
Zeus’ Tidbits
That Dude That Shot McKinley
Dr. Suess’ Toilet Phobia
Crane Style
DeLoreans Are Stupid
Timmy Draws a Bong
Yellow and Blue Make Green
DooWahDiddy and The Man
DooWahDiddy vs. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (maybe a legal issue with that one, but I like it anyway)
What Cats Are Looking At
Tiki Spaceman (think of the visual opportunities)
The Day Everything Came Up Millhous
Mostly Skin
Engine in the Back
Showering with June Cleaver
The Brownest Green

Wow. Love your music! Thanks for sharing it.

So far, I like Naming Clouds the best.

I dunno man, Zeus’ Tidbits is pretty damn great :wink:

Gooooo Nads!

There was already a Setting Sons, and it had Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal

A British FB friend (and former doper) received Halloween candy (candy corn, circus peanuts and necco wafers) in the mail and announced she had received her package of American wrongness candy. I told her American Wrongness Candy was going to be the title of my next romance but you can use it for your band.

That Band That Does That Song

I really like “Zebras May Bite.”

“Giraffes May Nibble”?

Since we seem to have a ‘bite’ theme going here, I’ll offer you the name of my friend’s Rottweiler - Willie Bite.

When I saw the thread title what came to mind instantly was something that I saw in a supermarket ad and have always thought would be a perfect band name. Fresh Meat Excluded. Probably not right for your style of music but it’s good, uh?

My coworker just suggested “Free Beer” for your band name. He says if the club puts that up on their marquee, you’ll get a big crowd. :rolleyes:

Murky Past
Hazy Origins
No Particular Reason
Ergo Propter Hoc (trans: Because of this)
And Now, This

You have my permission to use

Stink Fish Pot

You’re welcome

999 Megs. But you’ll have to change it once you get a Gig.

“999 Megs in search of a Gig”

Applicants Now Fired
Mary’s Misery