Vote on a band name!

A friend of mine has started a new band that will play in local clubs. The members have decided on a name, but my friend jokingly gave me a name as an alternate. I’ll give you both names, but I won’t tell the one being used. The band will play hard rock/metal type music. Pick the one you think is the best:

  1. Junk in the Trunk
  2. The Well Hungarians

I go for #1. Only because #2 can get you beat up in certain gigs.

I’d go for #1 as well.

Le premiere pour moi aussi.


“Alice in ___derland”

or “Jammed Junk Drawer”… Yeah… we were out at Pearl Street last night to see “Jiggle the Handle” and “Jammed Junk Drawer” opened for them…

Aw, come ON! #2 made me laugh out loud, #1 is just non-offensive and boring :wink:

— G. Raven

I’m amused by number two…so I think I’m gonna go with number 1.

Yeah. I like Number 1, too.

Unless they prefer tacky little funny songs. Then I’d say Number 2, all the way.

I laughed at two, but I vote for one!

Yep, I like #1 too… But doesn’t “Bite The Wax Tadpole” sound good? :wink:

Depends on what kind of music you play.

Choice #1 makes me think you sing terrible rock/rap music.

Chocie #2 makes me think you play horrible pseudo-punk music.

I don’t recommend an amusing name for your band, unless all you’re hoping for is for people to show up for one night of music. (If so, I suggest the PCU name “Everybody Gets Laid”.)

I always wanted to name a band after GB Shaw’s famous play “Closed for Renovations.”

#2 is a pretty lame name for a band that hopes to go anywhere, but #1 is just lame. At least #2 makes you laugh, kinda.

i think you should name the band FREE BEER think of the crowd they will get when a club has a sign up with their name on it

Both of them stink for the music you’re offering. (Had to think a moment about Well Hungarians, but I’m at work and you’re not supposed to think about sex here. Or Hungarians.)

“Junk in the Trunk” says nothing to me about what kind of music you play.

Have you thought of Martin Mull’s suggestion? “Plus Opening Act”?

Nah, never mind.

Sorry, we already have this black, sugary drink over here that’s called that. :smiley:

— G. Raven

I still think the best banned name is Satan.





Oh … sorry. Carry on.

My friend’s band is called “FREE BEER”. The flyers never fail to crack me up.

…or how about Hotwheels 30?
Burp 193??

come on now… this is good material. I should be getting compensation.