band name

does anybody here have a good name for a band. im just starting off in a new band and were having trouble thinking of a name. please help if u can

Try this Website:

It’s a random band name generator. Refresh the page to see a new name.

IMHO, these threads might be a good place for ideas:

I got The Oily Cars from Dooku’s link. Rather like it.

Porcelain Gods

Or how about “I Liked Creed Better the First Time Around When They Were Called Pearl Jam”. Kinda rolls off the tongue. :slight_smile:

What kind of music does your band play?


Fort Dix, if it’s a heavy metal band.
Yodas and Shit for any other type of band.

I’ve always been partial to “A Band.” Then radio announcers could say things like “A Band is playing at the Gorge at George this weekend.” Thats assuming you ever get popular enough to play at the Gorge, but hey, ya never know.

Other favorites “Blowing Toes” and “Nimbus”

“Your mom”, as in “Your mom is playing at the Gorge at George this weekend.”

“Free Beer” and “Nekkid Chicks” will draw people to your posters in notime.

This is off to IMHO.

A reference to the Simpsons is always popular, i.e. The Flanders Flock.

How about Pierced Clitoris?

Well, it got YOUR attention anyway :smiley: .

The Idle Kings. Well, that would be what I’d call my band if I had one.