If you ever called, "band name," I wanna hear it!

I know, it’s a big board meme, right? Cannot even guess how many times I’ve read it, and almost always agreed, it WOULD make a great band name!

Have you done it? Do you remember it? Please share it with us again!

As it happens I actually know some folks in need of suggestions.

So, please, bring it on, an avalanche please!

I muttered it once to a fellow TA during staff briefing when the headmaster mentioned “Kenny and the Caretakers”…

This morning it occurred to me that “The Naysayers” would be a good band name.

“Petulant Whining Babies”
From this thread

Gutta Percha

I’ve adopted ‘I’d see that band’ as my go to phrase. I saw it on Nurse Jackie. Last time I used it on the boards was in the Tila Tequila crazy time thread, something about demons putting on their meatsuits to wreak havoc, and I thought "Daemon and the Meatsuits,’ I’d see that band.’

The Puddlenuts

Jurassic Laser Tag

“Band name” is one of my running schticks, but I try to be a little creative about it … “didn’t they headline the 17th stage a Bonaroo last year?”


Atavistic Mustache

The Headless Corpses

My wife wanted to find about a recent NBA scandal, and I thought her google search term was good, if a bit long:

JR Smith and the Untied Shoelaces

Gangrene Clitoris is my stock should-be band name.

Mind-controlling Sex Zombie Sperm
Inbred Jew Man
Death by Lilac
Fecal Cauliflower

Earl “Snake-Hips” Tucker and the Salamanders. :smiley:

I just found this old post of mine with a Bonnaroo reference … it’s a four-fer:


“Dumpster Juice” --from a cilantro thread, of course.

Just did a search through my posts that had the phrase “band name” in it.
[li]Bedevilling Miss Jones[/li][li]Bob and Weave[/li][li]And A Cat Named Joe[/li][li]Murky Dirk[/li][li]The Devil’s Avocado[/li][li]Turkey and the Kurds[/li][/ul]

Then I randomly trawled through some past threads to see what others have suggested.
[li]Rooster Poot[/li][li]Packing Sparkly Heat[/li][li]Fantastic Plastic[/li][li]174 Feral Chihuahuas[/li][li]Peacock Pox[/li][li]My Dog Loves Thunder[/li][/ul]

Up-for-grabs names I’ve thought of:

The Syndrome
The Five Joaquins (best if there’s neither five people nor anyone named Joaquin*)
Glass Over Ottawa

*Totally had to google this name to get the spelling. The way I had it in my mind was apparently all kinds of wrong.

And the hits just keep on coming: The Tragedy of the Commons.

Better than Eczema

My favorite candy is “Squirrel Nut Zippers” and I’ve always thought that would make a great band name, then someone told me it already was.