What do you think would be a cool band name?

I was talking to Spoz earlier today about hot and sour soup, and happened to mention that despite having had it hundreds of times over the years, I could only reliably identify a few ingredients: carrots, black fungus, and bamboo shoots. Then he said:

That was pretty funny, and I thought it was cool, as well. It also got me to thinking: what Dopers would think would be cool band names. (thank goodness the whole “BAND NAME!” thing seems to be dying out, and I have no wish to bring it up again)

In your opinion, what would be the ultimate cool in band names? They can be real bands, or fictional ones, but please say which are real… y’know, just so the aspiring musicians among us don’t accidentally take a name that’s already in use! I’ll start with a few:

[li]Black Fungus (fictional)[/li][li]Olivia Tremor Control (real)[/li][li]Jerrimander (real)[/li][li]Grace Void (fictional)[/li][li]Vibrolux (real)[/li][/ul]


Three that I and/or my friends made up that we think would be cool (depending on the type of band):

Muppet Sodomy

The Cadaver Dogs

Baltimore Spank

Personally, I think Insatiate Cormorant would make a terrific band name. (Many props to you if you identify the reference… :D)

There was a UK band called Fungus; they flopped.

The best dope band name ever IMHO was (thanks to Billy Rubin) Prehensile Rectum

Hi Flami :p.

Exploding Commode might be interesting as well. It just works, somehow. Probably not a band I’d listen to, though.

TMI. Of course.

Also, just to let ya know, the band name Paid to Fake It is taken - by me. It’s what I currently plan to use for any performances (for example, at school functions) put on by me and whoever happens to be willing to play with me. Kind of a set name, rather than a band name, since the only set member is me. But does anyone get the ref? :wink: Big bonus points if you do…


  1. having no precedent; never before observed or experienced.

Laudable Pus.

Perfect punk band name.

Ends in Gry

One that came up at a b-day party last week:

Third Nipple Milk

I would imagine it would have to be an underground punk band.

Actually had the cool band name conversation with a female coworker a few years ago.
She always thought Excessive Feminine Moisture would be a good name for a female band.


Ice Cube Treys - a 3 man band.

Crack the Chest, Massage the Heart - soft rock.

Pull My Finger - 60’s rock.

-sytax error
-cat soup
-splintered femurs
-buckets of piss
-flaming eyebrows
-tonto’s dead

SIGH that’s what being bored in physics class will do to you.

Ever since I saw the phrase in this porn site promotion pop-up (eh, I was in a public computer - honest!), I’ve thought there’s something about Humping Pumping Hardcore.

The band name generator:

Here’s some neat references:

Room in my shorts
Mary Kwenrinkle’s Revenge
Tower of Swine
Puke all night
Anal Lace
Trees for Lunch
Thankless Child
Hideous Infant

Long ago, Sakura came up with Savage Clams. We still think it’s one of the best made-up band names going.

Once, long ago (pre-Win95, when DOS was the preferred gaming OS), my friends and I came up with the name Das Prömpt. We figured it would probably be a German speed-metal band.

Proctological Lobotomy would be a good name for a metal band.

I don’t recall if Girl Scout Heroin was a real band name I saw or if I made it up…

Fuck and their album Pardon My French are the best combination of band name and album title ever.

I know a guy who wants to call his band Star Shaped Anus, but that one’s a long story…

Some friends in high school had a band called “Stalking Timmy,” which was essentially a big joke due to the fact our friend Timmy constantly had this girl following him around everywhere he went.

I personally liked thier first choice, and tend to use it for myself if I ever get a band. So, be on the look out for “Testiclees, and the Men of Mighty Girth”.

Simian Fetish is my old roomate’s favorite.

The Beatles

Skinny Puppy
Naked Raygun (Reagan?)
The Protagonists
DUI (all the cop cars promote us)
D.A.R.E. (ibid)
Joe Blow and the Headhunters
Murph and the Magictones
Sam Hain
Benny Pontius and the Crucifiers
Rare Illusion

all bands I have known