You know all those band names you folks come up with?

Well I need one for real now. I play the fiddle with a group of musicians. We’ve been playing together informally for some time now and have recently done a few non-paying gigs. However we’ve now gotten a proper paying gig, so we’ve decided that we really need to come up with a name for ourselves. We haven’t gotten very far with that so I thought I’d call on the collective wit and wisdom of the Dope and see if you could help me out.
I’ll give some background to help get you going - instruments include 2 fiddles, a banjo, tin whistle, guitar, mandolin, moothie (harmonica) and bodhran (drum). We play traditional Scottish music but like to throw in some non-traditional stuff as well. We’re not professional musicians by any means and we all make our livings in other ways. We’re located in northeast Scotland (Aberdeen) but only one of us is local. The rest are from England (one north, one south), Glasgow, Shetland and Texas (that’s me). Three men, three women, not young, not old.
So fire away, and I eagerly await your suggestions!
Thanks :smiley:

The Real Scotsmen
Ironic Banjo
Missing Tuba


Cult of Celt
Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom
Gaelic Pizza
Loch, Stick, and Banjo

From here: Throstle Frame; Spinners Weasel; Niddy Noddy; and Roving Sliver.

From here: Flong; Frisket; Hellbox; Non-Photo Blue; Registration Black; Colour Bleeding; Catchword; and Continuous Tone, though I wouldn’t recommend that one.

From here: Aoghairean; Faoilleach; Half-Foot; Lazy Bed; Run Rig; and Wonder Tuft;

From here: Landed Gentry; Appanage; Noblesse Oblige; Robber Baron; and Feudal Lord.

From here: Sunken Lane; Longview Farm; Clachan; Roadside Attractions;

Playin’ (or Singin’) Thro the Rye.

Butterscotch Scones

Scottish Scones

Runrig might get pissed off. :slight_smile:

Since ye are in Aberdeen why not something to do with granite or oil?

Granite City Ramblers, Oil City Ramblers, Taken For Granite. Doric And Rollers.
Argh, I’m terrible at this.

Global Achord.

Mac Gun

Under Our Kilts

A Fifth Of Scotch

Mac 'n Tosh

Kilts Akimbo

The Rolling Scones?
(prob’ly been done.)

Can you give us examples of the names of some similar groups? I’m guessing something like “Kill Our Parrots” would not be the kind of thing you are looking for.

Only if it’s Scottish rock.

[li]Tunemaster Terwhilliger’s Marvellous Majestic Steamdriven String and Bodhran Band[/li][li]Bedevilling Miss Jones[/li][li]Bob and Weave[/li][li]And A Cat Named Joe[/li][li]Murky Dirk[/li][/ul]

Scotland Bards

To Kilt A Mockingbird

The Fartin’ Tartans

Madchester Moonies

Caledonia Skyes

Tam Lin and the Spirits

The Fey Fiddlers

The Aristocrats!!!

Wrong punchline?

Scots on the Rocks?

Would probably help if we could hear a taste of your music.

Gotcha Ya!