Name of Power Plant Upstream of Niagara Falls (Canada Side)?

Can our Canadian Dopers help me out, maybe? I thought the power plant just upstream of Niagara Falls on the Canada side was Sir Adam Beck. But, from online pictures (such as Wikipedia), this appears to be the power plant a little ways downstream at the Flower Clock. So, what is the name of the power plant just upstream of the Falls on the Canadian side?

Either the Toronto Power Generating Station or the Rankine Generating Station. Neither is still used to generate electricity.

Just curious… are they still used to divert flow from the Horseshoe Falls to reduce erosion, is that correct?

The water rights were re-assigned to the newer station, and the water flows through the new tunnels/cuttings/ponds/whatever so I think not?

What is the dissused building just /below/ the falls?

I assume you refer to the building resting on the base of the gorge near the base of the Falls on the Canadian Falls? With a flat roof? Well, until now, I always thought it was the Schoellkopf Power Plant that collapsed. However, I see I was misunderstanding - for this collapsed power plant was on the New York side. More net surfing shows your building in question belongs to Ontario Power. The text superimposed on an image of the building in question claims the lower building is the generating station while the upper building was for distribution …Really? Seems backwards to me, but I guess it all depends how the pipes snake around and the physical location of the turbines.

I believe it is the old Ontario Power Company Generating Station: Ontario Power Company Generating Station - Wikipedia

Thanks for the link.

Would you agree that the first sentence is wrong?
"The Ontario Power Company Generating Station is a former generating station located along the Niagara River in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, slightly upstream from the Rankine Generating Station. "

I was thinking that the Rankine Generating Station (and the Toronto Power Generating Station) were/upstream/ of the Horseshoe Falls.