Name that movie/show

A buddy at work and I have the same recollection about a particular scene in a movie/show but we can’t seem to place it.

The scene is the typical “man’s dream”: a threesome with his wife and another hot chick. They seem to start out together, but it soon becomes clear that he’s the odd man out. In another, later, clip the two young ladies are clearly more interested in each other and our hopeful young lad is actually pushed out of bed landing hard on the floor.

Any help out there?


Sounds to me like the episode of **Friends ** where Ross is describing his ex-wife becoming a lesbian. She suggested the threesome and he did indeed become the odd man out as his wife and the other woman got it on.

It might be the Friends alternate future or flashback episode involving ross and his lesbian wife situation but probably not.

Sound realy familiar. Was it Dream On, that HBO show with Brian BenBen.



Damn! That’s what I’m talking about. We threw all those back and forth (Friends, Dream on, etc) but none of them “felt” right.

I seem to think that the guy was Paul Riser and it was that movie with him and Randy Quaid and Jenine Garafalo.

thanks for thinkin…

There was an old Sex and the City episode where Charlotte’s boyfriend kept talking her into asking a woman to join them for a threesome. So they’re at some masked ball and Charlotte agrees to invite a woman to bed with them, and when they get to the bedroom the guy and the girl go at it, ignoring Charlotte, causing her to make her “gross puppy face” and storm out.

This movie is called Bye, Bye Love, and the scene does sound familar. It may have invloved Matthew Moldine’s character–he was the guy with all the women after him.

It also sounds like the 1999 movie The Sex Monster, starring Mike Binder and Mariel Hemingway.

I think it’s one of the deleted scenes from On Golden Pond; as memory serves the second lady was Lillian Gish. Later, the old lesbian was eaten by a bear (or was it a lawn chair?).

Og bless you! I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this!