Name that movie!

This will be an easy one because it came out in the past year. I just didn’t get to see it because I was traveling and missed it. Now I can’t remember the name to monitor Red Box and Netflix.

Anyways, the only thing I remember from the trailer is that the main character, an older black actor, is at a block party or cookout or something and one of his neighbors asks what he does for a living and his response is “I’m a government paid assassin.” The neighbor looks at him for a moment before deciding he’s joking and kind of laughs it off.


Equalizer 2?

Maybe. I watched that one but don’t remember the scene.

Of course, it may have only been in the trailer and cut from the movie. I’ll have to watch it again.

Quote from Equalizer 2; found on this website:

Neighborhood Resident: I’ve seeing you carrying all these books around, I figured you for some kind of teacher.
Robert McCall: I’m a high level paid former assassin.