Name that Van Gogh painting...please

In late 1984 when Van Gogh at Arles was staged at The Metropolitan Museum of Art the very last work I saw was under a spotlight just as we left the exhibit.

If memory serves…

It showed a wheat field in moonlight, with just one wheat stack standing in the center of the paining.

It was so forlorn, so lonely, it brought tears to my eyes, and all I could say was a mournful “Oh Vincent…” Something like this has never happened to me before or since. (In retrospect, Vincent could well have meant this as a sublimely happy scene for all I know.)

The problem is, I can’t find a print of that work. I went to and look through all the Van Gogh with no success.

Can you help?

Isn’t that the last painting he finished before he committed suicide? That might be why there aren’t too many posters of it being made.

No, that one is called “In the Wheat Field with Crows.” Also, it wasn’t, technically, the last one he made. The one you describe has something to do with a hay stack. I’ll give it 10 minutes and if no one responds I’ll dig out my art books.

Actually, I just realized you weren’t entirely sure. Is it this one?

Here’s a site that has prints of Van Gogh works. Maybe you can find it.

It kind of sounds like this one:

Is it
or ?

The ones of single wheatstacks I found. That site may just have every damn painting up, if you want to browse.

Not this one. No crows. But thank you for responding.

No, I think that’s the same one that dotchan suggested. But thank you for tqaking the trouble.

I’m causing so much effort here I’m ashamed to say I don’t see it in any of the links so far, and that includes you, DeadyAccurate and capybara.

Damn! I’m sorry.

Like I said to DeadyAccurate, I haven’t seen it. Thank you for trying.

Please don’t go any further on this. I think it’s hopeless.

My wife drags me kicking and screaming to art exhibits. Not entirely true, because once there, I’ve always enjoyed myself. One of the pleasures is watching the people looking at the paintings. Some of the expressions are positively beatific.

The same thing happened at the Arles affair - except that I probably had the rapt look. I was immersed, and a knot a knot began forming in my stomach. And by the time I looked at that last wheat field, the knot was palpable. It stayed for weeks.

I mean it.

The problem is that this was an Arles exhibit and half the stuff Vincent painted at this time, maybe more, was freaking fields of wheat. (Wheat. I’m dying and she’s talking about wheat.) If you said it was at night, then the only thing I could think of in the Arles period would be Starry Night Over the Rhone: .

What dominate colors do you remember? Anything else to go by?

A lonely haystack doesn’t seem like anything in the Arles series. Fast forward a few years, and you have this: More like what you were thinking?

Not this one, either. And the mystery work isn’t in my Van Gogh Retrospective, either.

For what it’s worth, I sent an email to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, asking about that painting. Since it was Saturday, I received an Auto-Response, so I can be sure they at least got it. Maybe I’ll hear something later this week. If so, I’ll report it here, verbatim.

Thanks again, ZebraShaSha. It was excepionally nice of you to have gone to all this trouble.

Why not write the museum and ask? I know it was in 1984, but I’m sure they have records of all their exhibitions and could find a list of the paintings that were displayed. If there is one thing museums should be good at, it’s keeping track of details. They would be so tickled to know that their exhibit had such a profound impact on you.

In fact, they made a book…

Oh, wow…we were thinking alike!

And I just bought it!!!

Thank you so much, kittenblue!!

You’re welcome! Hope it contains the print you’re haunted by… We expect a post with a scan of it when it arrives!

So do I! And it goes without saying that I’ll report back on it.

Thanks again!