Name this book: family saga novel set in New England

I read a book back in the late 80s/early 90s that I’d like to recommend to a friend, but I can’t remember the name or author.

It was set in modern times (not historical fiction), and was about a college aged girl who met her husband. The book follows their whole marriage through kids, middle age, etc. It’s primarily or completely set at his family’s vacation home on an island or beach in New England.

I think the author wrote another book with similar themes. Main character is a southern college girl who meets a northern, sort of prep school type guy. Book follows her relationship with him and her adaptation to his wealthy/WASPy family.

Any ideas? My friend just told me about two newer books she loved that were similar and I thought she’d like these.

Sounds like some of Anne Rivers Siddons books. Colony, maybe?

Anne Rivers Siddons also came to mind for me.

Did the husband and wife have their first date at the St. Cecelia Ball? Did they have an out-of-control teenage daughter? Was there a local guy called Micah, and a best friend called Amy? Did the story change POV halfway through, from the wife to her granddaughter? If so, that’s Colony.

Micah was hot and that POV change annoyed the hell out of me. :smiley:

My first thought when I saw the thread title was “The Beans of Egypt, Maine” but the description in the OP eliminates that possibility.