Name this French romantic comedy (spoilers!)

A few years ago, I saw a nice French romantic comedy on an international channel. I saw everything except for the beginning, and could never find a listing for the channel ,so I have no idea what i saw. I thought it was pretty good, though, so maybe someone could tell me what movie it was.

The plot (as accurate as I can remember): A recent widower places an advertisement in a paper for a man to father her child. She meets the guy who responded, and they proceed to try and have a baby. She doesn’t like him at first, and basically she lays there a stiff as a board during sex, but eventually (predictably) she warms up to him. But they still have no baby yet. During this time they talk to her friends a lot, none of whom have been able to get pregnant. At the end, the man finds out she has been saving her dead husbands sperm, and has been planning a switch. This didn’t seem as illogical when I watched the movie as it does now - I’m probably not remembering something. But it turns out she eventually abandons her dead husbands sperm because she realizes she loves the new guy.

Can anyone help me out here?