Name this kids' book? Long shot from my childhood.

I recall a book I loved when I was in Junior Infants (about 4 or 5 years old) that was in the library in my Primary school classroom. It was the tale of a rocket that goes on an adventure to the moon, something like Thomas The Tank Engine except with a rocket ship. I have no idea how old the book was at the time, but it was 1986 when I saw it, so it could be early '80s or earlier. It was colourfully illustrated and I have no idea how popular such a book was. Anyway I hope someone knows what the hell I’m on about.

Perhaps it’s The Berenstain Bears on the Moon?

Googling on “anthropomorphic rocket” and “personified rocket” all I could find is a character named Rusty Rocket, who seems to be in multimedia shows at planetariums all over the US. But not a book, sorry.

I’ll post this question at goodreads in the “what’s the name of that book?” section.

Totally random guesses (just books I recall from childhood with a lunar-adventure bent):
Little Bear (contains “Little Bear Goes to the Moon”)


If the rocket is a vehicle and not a character, my guess would be Harold’s Trip to the Sky by Crockett Johnson. The Harold and The Purple Crayon books were still popular in the 80s.

I could swear that the rocket ship was the character but then it’s so long ago maybe I dreamt it!

You didn’t grow up in the US, right? You might be better off asking this question on a forum with a higher percentage of people from UK/Ireland; a lot of children’s books of the type you describe don’t make it across the pond.

Was it You Will Go To The Moon? It’s one of my husband’s favorite children’s books.