name this mini-series from this incredibly vague description

I’m trying to remember a mini-series I watched with my parents when I was really young. This is everything I remember…

  • It was about a couple, and the woman had dark hair.
  • It was definately a drama, maybe about a growing family.
  • I think they were imigrants, probably Irish.
  • There was a water wheel (sort of like on a ferry) that played some sort of significance in the ad.
  • it aired after the Thorn Birds did, but before I moved after 2nd grade, so it had to be between 1983 and 1985.
  • It may have been on HBO (oddly, HBO’s site only mentions movies made in the last year or so)

I’ll be amazed if anyone has the slightest clue what it is :slight_smile:

If it is the mini-series that I believe it could be, it has Leslie Ann Warren in it, and Armand Assante. You’re dating it about the right time. I’ll have to go check for the name though. And to see if I put one too many ‘s’s’ in Assante!! :wink:

I actually DID spell ‘Assante’ correctly! However, I couldn’t find anything that matched the mini-series description. Under ‘Leslie Ann Warren’, I found what it might be, “Evergreen”. Does that seem familiar??