Name this song-

We call it the carnival song - you’ve heard it thousand of times.


(In creepy movies it’s played slowly for tension)

Is there a real name for this song?

Is it “Entrance of the Gladiators”?

YUP! Thank you very much!

Now The Kid can add it to her mp3, along with the alt and rap… should be an interesting diversion!

Huh. I was going to guess Strangers In The Night. I guess it’s only creepy when penguins are involved, though.

Nah, that’s Sinatra. Doobeee, doobee-doooo…

This (‘Entrance of the Gladiators’) is the song I “sing,” in doo-doo-doodle form, when explaining to people what a calliope is. I also mention the Greek muse with the same name, but it seems more people are familiar with the instrument than the muse. (I’m pregnant, and we’ve named her Calliope.)

It’s the ballet!

We named my daughter’s two teddy bears Calliope and Celestina.

In New Orleans Calliope (the street) was pronouced ‘cally-ope’. (And they pronounced Burgundy, the street my friend lived on, ‘bur-GUN-dee’.)