Name this space movie

Was there a movie where a pressurized cabin is punctured by micrometeors and the crew sprays some water to find the holes?

Could have been.

The only movie i recall right now in which the ship was punctured by micrometeors is Pitch Black. No water was used in an attempt to find the holes, though; they were too busy trying to prevent the ship from crashing.

Mission to Mars had a scene where they use Dr. Pepper to find a meteor puncture.

Still a horrible movie.

There was a TV movie called Lifepod, which was a remake of Hitchcock’s non-scifi flick Lifeboat. In the remake, the surviviors of a spaceship disaster are adrift in space in a rickety escape pod that sometimes ‘springs a leak.’ They manage to patch the leaks by spraying a quick-drying liquid compound over the holes. That might be what you’re thinking of.

I think that is probably the one.
And it is not as bad a movie as “Red Planet”.

I can’t comment authoritatively since I didn’t see “Red Planet”. I did however sit through a special advanced screening of “Mission To Mars” and let’s just say if anyone associated with the production of that steamy turd was in the theatre they left early for their own personal safety.

I have a hard time imagining a worse movie, and I’ve got a hell of an imagination. I’m thinking that MTM is down there at 0 degrees Kelvin on the “Bad Movie Thermometer” - there may be others just as bad but there’s a point where it is impossible to actually get worse. “Battlefield Earth” sucked equally, for example.

And I’m not going to rent RP to find out.

Red Planet is very much like Mission to Mars, except that it is really, really, REALLY boring.
And the actors are all playing like they are trying to win Oscars for their performance.
I think it is easily the worst Sci-Fi movie I have ever seen (and yes, that included Battlefield Earth).

I think that anyone who brings a reprogrammed robot killer dog on a Martian expedition deserves whatever they get. Like they couldn’t see THAT one coming a mile away.