Name this story

I am currently working on an article that I want to submit for a future Teemings, but I am having a hard time coming up with a title so I figured I would enlist the help of all of you little people that have done so much for me. The article will be about relationships, pretty much tongue in cheek, and heavy on humor (at least I hope it is) regarding my dating follis of the past. Frankly, I could use some good double entendres, but I am willing to mix in anything that sounds good.

Step up to the plate and name it. If you win I will give you 25% of all proceeds earned from the publishing of this piece.

How ‘bout:
“A Date is Just a Dried Fruit, Anyway”
"Trippin’ Over the Date Line"
“Carbon Dating (or Why All My Dates Turn Out the Same)”
“Mully’s Dates That Will Live in Infamy”

That’s all you get for 25%. If you want better you’ll have to up the ante.

I think you should do it as a regular column.

You could call it “Tall Tales.”

Or “Mulled Whine”.