Name Those Fictional Games & Sports

Mythical games & sports abound.

James T. Kirk played Fizzbinn, and Mad Magazine introduced 43 Man Squamish to an unwitting world.

What fictional sports & games can you name?

Board, card & tabletop games do count.


Cripple Mr. Onion

Centrifugal bumble puppy, Blernball, & Quidditch.

Triad/Pyramid from **BSG ** (both versions).

“Killing For Quatloos” - ST:TOS

Global Thermonuclear Warfare.

Can’t remember it’s name, but there was a kind of Tennis involving bat-like creatures as the ball in the Iain M. Banks novel Excession.

DS9: Dabo

Cat juggling.

Juggers (from the old Rutger Hauer flick The Blood of Heroes).

Blitzball, Triple Triad, Tetra Master (Final Fantasy X, VIII, and IX, respectively - ball sport, card game, card game).

An odd case - the Yu-Gi-Oh card game started as the game Duel Monsters in the manga before taking the series over and being made into a real game.

Moopsball, Magno-ball (Legion of Super-heroes.)

TNG: Parisi Squares

I think it’s just called batball in the book.




From TOS–“Double Jack” (Mudd’s Women )


Does ‘Mornington Crescent’ qualify?




“Dave Sorenson lost his position as captain of the Australian Farnarkling Team when he inadvertantly shot the Gonad across the Umlat during the all important match deciding third Warble thereby allowing the crack East German Farnakling Machine to score and proceed to the semi finals.”

You had to be there.

I can’t believe I forgot Bouillabaisseball, the Melmacian national pastime.

Churling (The Kids in the Hall) – Players form a circle, tied together at the wrists, around a basket containing a spitting cobra.

Eschaton (Infinite Jest) – A global thermonuclear war simulation played on a tennis court.