Nameplates, brass--recommendations?

Having recently finished a diorama of a Giant Steam Bison, I’m now working on getting a nameplate made. I’d like the nameplate to be black printing on a brass strip. (Not an engraved nameplate; that’d feel wrong for this particular model.)

I’ve been working with a large-ish online outfit, who did fine on an earlier order, but this time it’s kinda been one little thing after another (credit card confusion; they seem to think my name is Mrs R’s; their first proof used the wrong original; the second they made the wrong proportions). I don’t doubt they’ll produce a fine nameplate in the end, but good grief. :frowning:

If I could find a company which performs perfectly, I’d switch my business (such as it is) to them.

Have any of you had black-on-brass nameplates printed? Who did you use? Did they do a good job?

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