Names of fictional Apollo CM/LMs?

No, not a Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy thread—I’m just compiling a list of the names of fictional Apollo Command Modules and Lunar Modules, from various novels, movies, etc., and I could use a little help filling any gaps.

So far, I’ve got:

Altair (CM)/Luna (LM), Apollo 18 from Michener’s Space.
Spirit of Hope (CM)/ Faith (LM), from Jerry Oltion’s Abandon in Place.
Freedom (CM)/ Liberty (LM), Apollo 18 (a different one), the movie Apollo 18.

Related notes:
Argo I from 1989’s cinematic clunker Moontrap—Apollo hardware pulled out of mothballs, but oddly enough, both vehicles either shared a name, or were simply “The Orbiter” and “The Lander.”
Ironman I—1969’s Marooned. Apollo CM only.

So…who am I missing?

Stowaway to the Moon - CM: Camalot, LM: Little Dipper

Did the They Might Be Giants album name them?

the Lunar module in Superman II which was trashed by the bad guys was named Artemis.I don’t know if they mentioned the CM.

It wasn’t completely Apollo hardware, but there was Pilgrim in the 1968 James Caan epic Countdown. It actually looked like a Gemini model stuck onto an LM descent module model.

According to the show Wings, Ace Galvin (Robert Culp) left a plastic dog turd on the
Moon to mess with the Russians.

That’s because it actually was a Gemini model stuck onto an LM descent module model. Laugh if you want but Robert Altman directed that film and it was a pretty decent, albeit dated, portrayal of things astronautical. (I’ve also built a model of that puppy using spare Revell kits.)

The film “Moontrap” features a post-Apollo landing but I don’t recall module call signs.

That is…odd.

It does fit the plot, though - a mad rush to get an American on the Moon first before the Soviets could, using whatever hardware was available. That meant a mashup.

Caan was to have EVA’d his way over to a shelter craft that had already been sent up as part of a more-ordered program, then wait there while NASA finished designing the rest of Apollo.

How much did Gemini with a service module weigh? If he could leave the moon, he could ride home.

The Vulture, from forgotten 1979 TV oddity Salvage, was built in a junkyard from surplus ICBM parts, an old tanker truck and a concrete mixer. Tongue in cheek, but the writers clearly put some thought into it - they don’t have a guidance system, so they hack a NASA one via a phone modem - c’mon, that’s pretty good writing for 40 years ago - and it actually looks like a mission vehicle.

In The Old Negro Space Program, NASSA sent a used Cadillac Coupe de Ville to the Moon using NASA-rejected Apollo hardware.

Most of the good ones I know (including Countdown – for which I have comic book) have already been taken.
Apollo 18 (2011 film) --Command Module Freedom[, Lunar Module Liberty

Capricorn One was a fake Mars mission, not a moon shot, but it was clearly modelled on the Apollo program, and the descent module sure looked like an Apollo lander.

If alternate history video games count: Valiant 11 and Valiant 12 in Fallout 3.

Well, since we mentioned several fantasy “Apollo” knockoffs already, how about the title ship from MST3k favorite “Moon Zero Two”, which is basically modeled as an Apollo LEM with an extra cargo module (the movie is actually not all that bad, when you think about it).

Sadly, I couldn’t find an name for the Apollo LEM knockoff used in the legendary “Far Out Space Nuts:stuck_out_tongue: (Yes, I said Lunch, not Launch)

Basically all Gemini had was sufficient fuel to maneuver in orbit and to break orbit when its mission was done. Certainly not enough to do lunar lift-off and TEI burn. And even if it did, I don’t think the heat shield was robust enough to withstand the velocities you’d get from a lunar return. Of course, maybe they could have added additional fuel and beefed up the heat shield, but by then you’re basically talking a new spacecraft anyway.

The needs of the movie took precedence over fuel load. Pilgrim had to be a one-way trip so there could be a big rivalry and fight between the expendable single guy James Caan and the married father Robert Duvall over who’d get to fly it. If Pilgrim weren’t suicidally risky, the flick would barely be an hour long.

That is why I am an Instrumentation and Electronics engineer and not a rocket scientist.