names of tv/movie estates (eg, Southfork, Tara)

Trying to think of names of memorable tv/movie estates. I can only think of Peyton Place, Southfork, Knots Landing, Falcons Crest, Tara. Can anyone lend a hand with more names?

Peyton Place and Knot’s Landing were the names of towns, not private properties. But I’ll give you the names of two prominent movie /tv. estates to take their place:

“The Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters” in Westchester, NY is the private estate of Prof. Charles Xavier, alias Prof. X, and is the secret home base of the X-Men.

On “One Life to Live”, the long-sufferin’ Viki Lord-Buchanan-etc.-etc. lives in a mansion called “Llanfare”, not to be confused with ‘Llanview’, the fictional Pennsylvania suburb that the show is set in.

Twelve Oaks was the name of the other plantation in GWTW (site of the barbecue where Scarlet meets Rhett).


Belle Reeve.

Oh yeah, and “Xanadu” from “Citizen Kane”.


Pemberly (Pride and Prejudice)

The Ponderosa

If we’re going with ranches from westerns, how about The High Ponderosa?

Excuse me, that’s The High Chaparral.

Stately Wayne Manor, of course…

Remember Drogheda from the Thorn Birds? (Rachel Ward… yowza!)

They pronouced it “Dru-gee-da”, but the correct pronunciation is ~“Dro-hu-duh” (it’s a town in Ireland).

Peckerwood and Upson Downs from Auntie Mame. Both originally from the book.


Brideshead from Brideshead Revisited.

Darlington Hall from Remains of the Day.