Names-What do they say about your heritage

Would any one be able to tell me what origin that a last name like “Poss” would originate from. Normally I know most people would just ask an older family member or your parents, but I recently discovered I was adopted. So if you could help me out, or give some clues any information would be helpful…thanks

If that’s your adoptive name, then you can still just ask your adoptive parents or other family members. Unless you meant that you just discovered that that’s the name of your natural parents.

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This doesn’t look like it’s anything to do with a column of Cecil’s but – heres one possibility, Codie1974: “Poss” as a diminuitive of “Peters”.

Here’s a geneology message board for the name Poss.

I thought at first that it could be a long Slavic name shortened, but the Posses there seem to have German ancestry.

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Looking at port of New York passenger lists, 1892-1924, I find people with the surname Poss coming from Germany, Poland, and Hungary.