Names you wanted to give your son, but adapted for your daughter

Sometimes it’s hard to dispense with a favored name, even if it doesn’t have a good female equivalent. (Example: in an episode of the Dick Van Dyke show, the controversy over what to name Richie included a grandfather’s suggestion that they name the kid Ulysses if it turned out to be a boy, Ulysseia if it was a girl).

I have seen a lot of bad adaptations.

My nominee for today is “Rexavilla”. :rolleyes:

I’m not going to name names, because I don’t want to lose anonymity, but my wife was named after her father, who died before she was born. The result is that she has a very unusual first name, which she has to explain every time she uses it.

I had a friend when I was young named Errola.

Tygnan, adapted from what would have been Tyson or Dignan.

If we have another child, chances are good it’ll be a Sam or Samantha.

Yesterday we overheard a little girl being called “Logan.” I mean, they didn’t even bother with the adapting part. Her sister was named “Marley.” I think that might be a girls’ name but who the hell can tell anymore.

I mean, come on, at least acknowledge that your child MIGHT be female and have a girls’ name picked out. Talk about giving the kid a complex. “Well, Richardina, we named you that because we weren’t expecting you to be a girl. Oh, no, no, we’re not too disappointed.”

I know someone with a daughter named “Charlesey.” No I didn’t misspell that.

There’s also a television reporter named Charlsie Cantey. She specializes in commenting on horse races and dog shows.

RickJay: I’ve heard of several female Logans. The most prominent is volleyball star Logan Tom.

It seems Marley is a girls name. I never would have guessed it, especially after A Christmas Carol. It’s also growing in popularity.

Willisteen. Named after her dad, Willis.

My boy goes to school with another boy named “Skylar”. I’m told it’s also a boy’s name, but it strikes me as the acme of a soap opera female character name.

Err, I’m pretty sure Schuyler is a very old Danish boy’s name. My baby name book says 17th century. I think it’s equally split between male and female now though.

There’s a blond little girl named Luka (I’m not sure of the spelling) who lives down the hall from me. She looks about 5. I think her parents are going for Trendy Urban Names, as her older sister is Tuleh (I haven’t caught the baby’s name yet). To me Tuleh is a fashion label, and Luka is a Slavic guy, but what do I know?

There is no doubt we live in an era of truly, truly bad baby girl names. When I heard of my fiorst “Mackenzie” I just about shit my pants laughing.

And now “Mackenzie” has become reasonably popular. It’s a Scottish last name, not a girl’s name. Why not just name your daughter Williamwallace, for fuck’s sake?

I was records clerk in an Army Reserve unit for about a year. One of the other women in the unit was named Floydene Earlene Surname. She told me the folks had been counting on naming a boy after the father, but got her, a girl, instead

There is 3-month-old girl at our daycare named Marley. I actually thought that she might be named after Bob Marley (the mom seems like kind of a hippie type), but maybe not! I had never heard this name before.

I was the first grandchild in my family, and my given name is Laurene, after my beloved by all Grandfather, Laurence.

He, being a wonderful Wiseass, at my birth, told his 20 year old daughter upon hearing the naming, “Well, it’s a good thing I’m not named Uriah”

I surely miss him always.

Does she live on the second floor?

Aaaanyway, I’ve always had the feeling that British journalist-chef-presenter Nigella Lawson’s family kept hoping for boys, seeing as her sisters are called Thomasina and Horatia. I see she’s named after her father, though, so maybe her sisters were named after uncles or something.

Also, I have a faint recollection of running into a Johnette at some point, but it might be just a figment of my fevered imagination.

My friend’s Great Aunt was suppose to be a boy. Her name: Freda. Not Freyda. Fred-ah.

Nigella is actually a legit name for a girl, seeing as it’s also the name of a semi-popular annual flower, with a common name evoking a certain portion of the female anatomy (Kew is a bit coy here about the derivation).

I knew a Johnnie in college 20 years ago. The name seemed to fit her.
I’ve met 2 little girls in the same family named Avery and Addison. Those seem pretty odd names for girls.

And there’s always Nancy Drew’s friend George.