Nana and I (Opa) just had the grandkids over for a sleep over

Landon is 3 years old. Annalisa is 14 months.

They were turned over to us yesterday by our eldest daughter so she could for the first time have an overnight camping experience with her hubby and another couple.

Whart a hoot !

Canada day celebrations are a whole lot more fun when you can share them with little kids who are so easy to please and constantly display such infectious smiles and laughter.

And they listen well.

We had so much fun, (we includes my inner child) that at the moment, 9:45 am, they still haven’t woken up.

My hat is off to you my daughter. Lets do this again sometime .

Sounds like a good day was had by all involved! :smiley:

Do you find that it’s easier and/or more fun being a grandparent than it was being a parent?

Would that my daughter had such enthusiastic grandparents. I mean, you changed diapers and everything?

Way easier and way more fun. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why its easier, but at my age I seem to have way more desire to interact and spend time with the toddlers. go figure.

I’ve changed my fair share of diapers at my wife’s request, but somehow that issue never came up this weekend. Let’s face it, changing a diaper in this day and age only takes a few seconds.

I’m a grandfather with two grand kids under 5 years. They live just a few houses away. After having 5 of my own kids, I do not go crazy over the grand kids. I do love them and have fun, and they seem to like to be with me, but after a few hours I’ve had it.

I’m not a kid person! Kids should be seen and not heard. Keep to them selves and leave the adults to carry on an intelligent conversation. I admire those who gush over their grand kids but that’s not my bag. I earned my "old"age and like to enjoy it with out rug rats running amok. :wink:

I don’t really see myself any different than you except for the fact that I see my grandkids only once a week for a family dinner and yes, that is enough. Last weekend was special though.

That’s interesting. Perhaps I don’t appreciate what I have since I can get to see them almost on a moments notice. I suppose when they get older they won’t want the “old” folks around.