Nananananana, pop music and pan pipes

Ok, I realize that Nanananana is good filler babble for songs. Still!

I caught the last part of a song on the radio and realized that I wanted to get that song. All I caught of the lyrics was:

“Forever*, forever, mumble, mumble, mumble
Nanaa nanaa nanaaa”

So I started switching stations to see if I could catch the song somewhere else, and get more lyrics. One station I stopped on played not one but two songs in a row that used the “nanananana” bit(different rhythms), neither of which were the song I was looking for. Jeez, can’t someone come up with something different?

The version I’m looking for has an instrument that sounds like pan pipes. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Could it be Kylie Minogue - Can’t Get You Out of my Head?

It’s “whenever, Wherever” by Shakira.

I’ve seen it a few times of late, while I’m at the gym. Very inspirational. She is one flexible, snake-hipped lady.

Thanks, Sir Doris - I’ll have to go get the album

“Can’t Get You Out of my Head?” comes so close that I had to listen to it nearly all the way through before I was sure it wasn’t the one.

And I believe it about the “snake hipped lady” comment. The song has a definite belly-dance feel to it.