Nancy Wake (The White Mouse) Passes Away

She is probably not terribly well known, but she made a name of sorts with the French Resistance during the later stages of WW 2.

She has passed on aged 98.


Amazing. I wonder what she did after the war.

I’d never heard of her. Now I want to read her book!

She sounds incredible.

I’d heard of her, and her amazing story. Radio NZ played a little of an interview with her when announcing her death, apparently her strategy at check points was to ‘flutter her eyelashes at the officer and ask if he wanted to search me.’

I think there’s a film in production based on her story. Sebastian Falks’ Charlotte Grey had some parts lifted from Wake’s story.

Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t heard of her before but now I want to hear more.

I just found out about this and was checking to see if anyone had started a thread. An amazing lady. RIP.