Naomi Osaka will bless us with her presence at the Olympics

Whose thread? And how the hell does someone spend seventeen years here and not know that submitting an OP doesn’t confer ownership of the thread?

While technically true, I’m pretty sure no one else wants ownership of this thread.

Are you trying to see how many people you can offend in the fewest words? If so, you’re off to a good start here.

Moving to the Pit was too kind. This is an attack on someone for having mental health issues. That’s no better than saying someone is “the villain” because they got COVID and weren’t able to compete.

I can see no reason that such a post would be made other than to piss people off. Even if he believes it, the OP would know that everyone would hate him for saying it.

I am not surprised that a poster who thinks it’s okay to say this awfulness would also be misogynist and racist. The mindset required for bigotry tends to spread to other groups, rather than just one.

You say she elected not to play at Wimbledon, adding “perhaps that’s still being in a snit”. You go on to say she’ll play in the Olympics, adding that you’ll root against her.

Reprehensible, sure; but: what are you even going for? Since you’re down on her for not playing at Wimbledon, wouldn’t you again be down on her if she’d elected not to play in the Olympics — instead of, y’know, being down on her for the opposite?

If you’d criticize her for doing either, then it — isn’t really about what she’s doing, is it?

Nope. @dalej42 is just your ordinary, run of the mill misogynistic racist. He’s essentially so useless that I bet his parents change the subject when people ask about him.

You are a bad person. Get help.

You are fucking disgusting.

Well, he’s a success at getting attention. Which was his entire motivation.


He’s also a punk. Run away, Dale, run away, you fucking worm.

Oh wow, and here I thought he had turned a new leaf.

Yes, but it turned out to be poison ivy.

What baffles me is the support of a massive corporation over the health of a worker. Osaka may be rich and famous, but her bargaining power compared to the French Open is minimal. And it’s not like she’s striking to gain more money; she’s trying to protect her health. I’d think everyone wants better workplaces.


Reading the nastiness of the OP - how did this not start out as a Pit thread? What forum was it started in?

The Game Room.

You can relax, Dale. Naomi Osaka is off your lawn now.

In a lot of ways @dalej42 is a child.

It became apparent to me from any casual reading of his posts from the constant anti-SJW rhetoric during the rise of BLM to the current anti Justice-Dem culture wars of the American elections.