Naomi Osaka will bless us with her presence at the Olympics

Our ‘mental health hero’ Naomi Osaka will play in the Olympics. I deplored her French Open temper tantrum. She elected not to play Wimbledon as well, perhaps that’s still being in a snit or perhaps it was picking the home country Olympics and the fame and associated Yen.

It’s nice to have a few villains in the Olympics and I’ll definitely be watching women’s tennis to root against her.

Or the lack of a crowd. Makes sense that she would pick a low pressure event in friendly territory to make an appearance. Good for her.

And on message boards

I think you’re being unfair here. Sports should be about sports, not the spectacle of interviews.

She is only twenty-three, so right around university graduate age. I highly doubt she took courses in media training. In fact the only thing I could find out about her education is she was homeschooled part of the time.

There is absolutely nothing Osaka did at the French Open that could be considered a “temper tantrum”.

You have an unhealthy level of anger regarding professional athletes that don’t comport themselves exactly to your ridiculous expectations. You should really think about finding players you enjoy watching, and ignore the rest.

Dale’s characterization of Osaka is very ungenerous. While it could have been handled better Osaka’s exit from the French Open appeared to be genuinely attributable to her own mental health. It should be little different from pulling out because of a sprained ankle.

Yeah, I don’t comment in these threads normally, but I’ve certainly noticed a perplexing amount of emotional energy dedicated to hating on certain athletes by the OP. It’s just odd.

At any rate, I hope she does well, but if she doesn’t that’s okay. She’s a great athlete, and I think it’s commendable that she’s continuing a dialogue on mental health and put her mental health first over the French Open. Why this would bother anyone is beyond me, but people come in all sorts of flavors, so I’ve come to expect it.

People with mental health issues are still stigmatized. They shouldn’t be, but they are. The OP is a good example of this. I applaud Naomi Osaka for taking care of herself.

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The way I saw her pull out and and claiming mental health is similar to when a coworker calls in to take a mental health day at work because everyone knows it’s gonna be a shit show that day.

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Your obsession with Osaka is genuinely weird.

Eh, I had a long reply in my head but why bother? He’s a misogynistic shit with deep-seated issues with women and there’s nothing more to say beyond that.

If you don’t want your thread moved to the pit, don’t write an OP that is basically trolling.

In the thread about Sha’Carri Richardson, someone posted a list of the athletes that dale42 has issues with. They weren’t all women.

Narrator: They were all Black

Disturbing too.

Like MLK Jr:

dalej42 is just an old fashioned elderly white male racist.

Oh I don’t doubt that he’s not just a misogynist. But he really dislikes women in general. I believe he was so vicious towards any woman who would call out an athlete or celebrity for sexual misconduct–“gold digging whores” all of them–that he got topic banned.

Just a lovely person all around, I guess.

But he never seems to miss a chance to get a dig in at any female athlete or woman tangentially related to sports figures. It would be sad and pathetic if it wasn’t so disturbing.