This Closed Thread was a Classic Snarky Opinionated SDMB Thread

I have no dog in this fight. I haven’t had any threads closed on me or been warned etc (at least not in living memory). I have in the past said (and still think) that the SDMB’s moderation is one of its positives.


Lately there has been discussion about the decline of the boards and what it might take to improve things.

To be interesting, cheese has to walk a line between stinky and dull. Of course, dull cheese is a bestseller but I don’t think the SDMB has the market clout to compete in that mass market.

I’m toying with the view that the modding here might need to let things get a little more stinky.

Phenomenal! “Stinky-Cheese Moderation” has a nice ring to it.

I never look in that forum, but I don’t see any reason to close it. It’s not the first dumb OP I’ve seen. It looked like the posters were handling it just fine. Is arguing in threads not allowed in the Game Room?

My understanding is that it’s supposed to be a less contentious forum. Since it started getting into politics, I could see arguing that it needs to move to P&E. But I don’t think you necessarily need to close it.

I could also, for healthy discussion reasons, see a policy of putting thread moves in front of thread closures–except maybe with a move to the Pit since that changes the rules more dramatically. In other words, if you’re tempted to close a thread because it doesn’t fit the forum it is in, see if there’s another non-Pit forum that it would fit in and try moving it there first.

It wasn’t a sports thread. It’s a rant about uppity athletes and their nasty activism. I’m sure the OP knew which forum it belonged in.

I don’t read the sports forum, but it seems that the OP has a pattern of angry posts against female athletes.

The sports side of The Game Room has always allowed a little more razzing of each other over team rivalries but it has generally frowned on bringing non-sports stuff into sports threads. So in theory more contentious than The Cafe or MPSIMS but also more narrow in general. Please see some of the exchanges between silenus and myself as examples in Baseball threads. :slight_smile:

None of this directly relates to the OP in question and the responses.

There is an open flag inquiring about reopening and moving the thread to the pit. So that might happen later.

Uppity female athletes, which seems to be the sticking point for the poster in question.

That horse is already out of the barn when the OP rants about how too much activism made them lose. He could put a “should athletes be activists” thread in GD, or a “women’s national team loses game” thread in Game Room.

If the OP had wanted to rant about the USWNT’s activism, he could have done that in the Pit, without pretending that the thread was about their athletic performance (and preferably with some discussion of just what their activism is, because none of the other participants in the thread seemed to know anything about it).

If the OP had wanted to talk about their athletic performance, that would have been perfectly appropriate in the Game Room.

If anyone wants to start either of those threads, they’re welcome to.

But if the OP wants to post a political rant disguised as a sports thread so he can complain when it gets moved to the Pit because he’s pretending it was totally about the sports, that’s not a thread that fits anywhere on this board.

Politics set against a backdrop of sports belongs in P&E, GD, the Pit, or even IMHO.

I don’t know why this even needs to be discussed.

Count me in as someone who immediately saw the issue with that OP in that sub-forum.

Totally agree.

Agree with the moderation. Here’s where I would put topics:

BBQ Pit: US WNT got crushed by Sweden because they are too woke and spend too much time with activism and not soccer!

IMHO: Does the US WNT spend too much time with activism, and not enough time playing soccer?

GD: The US WNT soccer loss makes me think activism distracts athletes from their main vocation, which is their sport. Here are my cites to show that activist athletes perform worse than those that just concentrate on playing…

Game Room: Man, the US WNT got smoked by Sweden in soccer. Was it the coaching? The forwards? The defense? Let’s discuss how they can do better in the next game…

Ah, he has a history of doing this. Why not just mod note him and tell him not to do this anymore? Simpler than closing or moving his threads if he does this stuff often.

I don’t always laugh at LHoD’s posts, but when I do, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have a sip of coke in my mouth.

It’s been done several times. He even got a partial topic ban.

I’m not a sports guy, but isn’t fairly common for couch potatoes to rant about people far more athletic and skilled in a particular sport than themselves for stupid reasons?

I only clicked on the thread because it got closed so quickly. I was curious as to why. Because i have to hear ad nauseam around the water cooler about “last nights game” and “dem bums”

I do get that it was thinly veiled political post though.

Sure but rants belong in the BBQ Pit.

I don’t agree. Ranting about how bad a movie is should be in the café where at least it’s reaching the film buff audience. Same with a sports team and the Game Room.