This Closed Thread was a Classic Snarky Opinionated SDMB Thread

…and I have no idea why it was closed.

These are the pointed and entertaining threads that are fun reads and attract lots of posts.

Am I wrong to think that these threads should never be closed?

I’m glad I’m not a moderator. Judging from the moderating I see elsewhere in the real world,
“Lack of imagination” is always a bad reason for doing anything, but very common.

The reason, AIUI, was because politics was getting mixed in - the OP was blaming political activism for the reason the USWNT lost.

I agree that the moderator was being heavy-handed in closing it, though. It didn’t need closing. He could have said, “Keep this sports-related only and keep politics out of it.”

Good points. I missed that. Perhaps it could have been moved to The Pit rather than be closed?

If you like madsircool, you could restart it and remind people the thread is about sports and not politics. The thread was kind of trainwrecked in my opinion looking at it.

But the two are inseparable. The USWNT is political. Many people will be rooting for/against them because of it. Current times are clouding the separation of the two. Perhaps you could move it to the Pit?

I’ll ask, it isn’t my forum.

Fair enough.

Hypothetically, though, what if I don’t like madsircool?

I think the closure was just right: the OP has made no secret of his politically-based animosity for many, many, many people, including the US women’s soccer team. A thread that he starts for the purpose of gloating isn’t a shining example of a Game Room thread.

Also, his psychological analysis of them–“they don’t understand that other teams play to win as well”–is a little peculiar, given the fact that they’ve won 40 of their last 44 games and tied the remaining 4. I’m not sure if that’s such a bizarre read that it poisons the well fatally, but it sure comes close.

And here I thought that this was a message board dedicated to conversation. If you dont like his take the proper response is to post your opinion. These boards have become like a dark smalltown where unpopular opinions and posters arent welcome. For a message board in 2021 thats a death sentence.

It was just a hypothetical, man.

(Seriously, I was just funnin with the lack of commas–I had trouble parsing that quote to begin with).

But if you’re really gonna go there, I reject your excluded middle and your death sentence both.

My apologies for misunderstanding. This heat is making me a bit ornery.

I assert that what classic Liberalism did was allow for all opinions to be aired and that it helped lessen the desire for one side to try to silence another. The problem with orthodoxy is the need to crush those who dissent from it.

I have no dog in this fight. I haven’t had any threads closed on me or been warned etc (at least not in living memory). I have in the past said (and still think) that the SDMB’s moderation is one of its positives.


Lately there has been discussion about the decline of the boards and what it might take to improve things.

To be interesting, cheese has to walk a line between stinky and dull. Of course, dull cheese is a bestseller but I don’t think the SDMB has the market clout to compete in that mass market.

I’m toying with the view that the modding here might need to let things get a little more stinky.

Phenomenal! “Stinky-Cheese Moderation” has a nice ring to it.

I never look in that forum, but I don’t see any reason to close it. It’s not the first dumb OP I’ve seen. It looked like the posters were handling it just fine. Is arguing in threads not allowed in the Game Room?

My understanding is that it’s supposed to be a less contentious forum. Since it started getting into politics, I could see arguing that it needs to move to P&E. But I don’t think you necessarily need to close it.

I could also, for healthy discussion reasons, see a policy of putting thread moves in front of thread closures–except maybe with a move to the Pit since that changes the rules more dramatically. In other words, if you’re tempted to close a thread because it doesn’t fit the forum it is in, see if there’s another non-Pit forum that it would fit in and try moving it there first.

It wasn’t a sports thread. It’s a rant about uppity athletes and their nasty activism. I’m sure the OP knew which forum it belonged in.

I don’t read the sports forum, but it seems that the OP has a pattern of angry posts against female athletes.

The sports side of The Game Room has always allowed a little more razzing of each other over team rivalries but it has generally frowned on bringing non-sports stuff into sports threads. So in theory more contentious than The Cafe or MPSIMS but also more narrow in general. Please see some of the exchanges between silenus and myself as examples in Baseball threads. :slight_smile:

None of this directly relates to the OP in question and the responses.

There is an open flag inquiring about reopening and moving the thread to the pit. So that might happen later.

Uppity female athletes, which seems to be the sticking point for the poster in question.