USA Women’s National Soccer Team loses!

I’m not disappointed, perhaps they needed to be knocked down a peg. Clearly they started believing their own headlines and didn’t understand that the other teams play to win the match as well.

This wasn’t a fluke loss either. 3-0 and it was a total beat down. Maybe this will be a wake up call to spend less time on activism and more time practicing, otherwise they’ll be heading home early.

The team was always running on a mixture of arrogance and skill. But when the skill doesn’t show up…

1 loss in last 45 games, but yeah sure they need advice from a message board on what they need to do to win again.

Well! That OP was certainly a surprise!

“No activism” That’s the ticket.

But how will they get this crucial strategic advice? Can we fwd this thread to the team?

Obviously they stopped practicing because they were engaged in activism! It is so hard to do both!

They’re clearly not doing enough activism. I, for one, had no idea they were even doing that. I honestly only know about their soccer activities. (and not too much about that).

The good news for the USWNT is that it’s very difficult to not advance to the knockout stage in the Olympic format. 8 out of 12 teams advance out of the groups.

With the OP and the posts thus far in this thread, it’s hard to see it ending up anywhere but as a trainwreck.