Women's World Cup (***spoilers***)

Is anyone else following the very-poorly-publicized Women’s World Cup?

I’m enjoying it quite a bit… the Brazil-Sweden game was extremely exciting, and I was glad to see the US defeat their arch-rivals, Norway. Abby Wambach was amazing in the US-Norway game, although Mia Hamm had a bit of an off-game.

Anyhow, I haven’t seen any chatter about it on the SDMB at all, so here’s a thread in which to discuss it.
Oh, and I contend that the US Women’s team is just about the perfect team to be a fan of. They’re really good, so they win a lot, which is fun, but they’re not quite good enough that victory can be taken for granted. Certainly, their loss to Norway in the 2000 Olympics was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen…

Go Canada Go!

They just beat the “steel roses” (not sure if that’s what women’s Chinese team is called) 1-0.

I’m not really a fan of women sports, but I think the competition is great. I hope the finals becomes a US vs Canada thing, but US should be able to get the win over Canada on most nights.

I also heard that WUSA soccer league just went belly-up. That’s too bad for women’s soccer in general.

And not to offend the European Dopers, just insert the word football where I said soccer hehe.

Sorry, the title I used was a bit obtuse. But the thread was started just after the Swedes “upset” Brazil, and besides, they’re simply irresistible.

In a way I’m disappointed that China got taken out by Canada. I’m happy for Canada, but I was looking forward to a tough final between the USA and China. Of course it makes the road easier for the US, so that’s nice.

I think Canada’s going to have their hands full with trying to handle the Swedes. Sunday will be a great day with 2 good games. Germany and the USA are playing the best right now, so it will be a tough game.

My biggest disappointment though is that I will be in the Boston area next week for work and all of the games are done in Foxboro. Too bad I couldn’t have been travelling this week for Wedesday’s games.

I do agree that the coverage has been poor for the Cup, but at least ESPN is showing all of the games. That’s definitely a step in the right direction. I just hate it when the media talks about US sports fans not liking soccer when there isn’t much of it on TV! The only place to get a decent soccer fix is from Fox Sports World.

Oh well – Go US!!!

It’s certainly not easy for Women’s Soccer to get slotted against football and the MLB playoffs. The Sunday night games are at least up against NFL Primetime and NFL Sunday Night. I’m sure there will be some baseball playoffs competition as well.

At least I know what we’ll be watching in our house.

China hasn’t looked that great. They shoulda had us (U.S.) & Germany in different semi-finals.

I sooooo don’t want the U.S. to get eliminated by Germany just like the men did.