USA 2, Germany 1

(I’m talking about the semifinal Olympic Women’s Soccer game, which was an absolute nailbiter.)

The US women, including the great veterans like Mia Hamm and Kristine Lilly, avenged their World Cup semifinal loss to Germany with an exciting but decisive 2-1 victory, and are headed for the gold medal game.
Did anyone else watch this game? I nearly vomited in stress when Germany equalized in stoppage time, and then Heather O’Reilly missed an open-net shot in overtime. But it all worked out…
U S A! U S A! U S A!

Moving this from IMHO to MPSIMS.

I watched! I watched!

I was not thrilled that we missed the first goal during the commercial break (US coverage), but it turned out to be an exciting match after all. I had to keep leaving the room for stress breaks. Sometimes I prefer to watch games where I don’t care about the outcome! At least it wasn’t a repeat of the World Cup.

It’s also the first women’s game I’ve ever seen with 5 minutes added on.

I taped but have not yet watched the second half of Brazil-Sweden, so I won’t be back to this thread until I do (in case someone posts the results). I had to stop watching it – Sweden, you’re giving me instant gray hairs.

I couldn’t find a time when the game was on, non-delayed. Good on the USA. They were overpowered in the last game. Which team are they meeting in the final.
Oh, and for those with TiVo, you should probably not put final scores in the thread titles. It’s bad form, just say, “USA vs Germany Women’s Soccer (SPOILERS INSIDE)” or something like that.

Getting a goal in the last few minutes after being dominated for the whole game is so typically German. Glad we pulled it out in OT.

I can’t figure out how it is that I live in a soccer-mad country and yet none of the Olympic soccer is on TV.

I can however watch all the kayaking I want :rolleyes:

Anyway, Go USA!

Nearly all of the Olympic women’s soccer matches involving the US team have been shown live in the US (except on the West Coast) on one of the cable outlets.

The final will be shown live (except for the West Coast) on NBC live at 12:30 ET.

But it won’t be live on the West Coast.

Have I mentioned that it will be shown on tape on the West Coast?

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Off vee go!

Mod fight! Mod fight! What could possibly be more entertaining?

I thought only the namby-pamby sports* got into the Cafe, the ones where you can actually draw blood went into MPSIMS or the Pit? :wink:

BobT, the problem with “live” broadcasts from from Greece is they happen in the middle of the work day. Sadly I have not TiVo nor even a VCR available right now, as we are in a furnished rental and those weren’t furnished. Do you know if they’re rebroadcasting the women’s final or the Iraqi semi-final? I’d love to see either.
*Sailing, croquet, badminton, etc.