Napoleon Dynamite - What year does the movie take place in?

I just saw this movie and except for a couple of things (internet, cell phone?, Rico’s age) everything in the movies in straight out of the 80’s. Even the cool kids dress right out of the 80’s. So is the movie supposed to be set in the 80’s if only the 80’s had some added technology? Or it supposed to take place in the most backwater town ever?

I just assumed they were a household of limited means and never replaced anything unless it was broken. Hey, the VCR’s 20 years old but it still works!

BTW, how’d you like the movie. I thought it was good, not great. The camera-work (directing?) was interesting. Kind of a live-version Beavis & Butthead format.

It takes place in the present, but in a town where everything is stuck 15 to 20 years in the past. Those towns exist - I seen 'em.


It is clearly set in the present. Note the brother using a Net chatroom.

What “the present” looks like in Idaho might not look that up-to-date to most of you, but I can assure you that that is indeed what Idaho looks like now, esp. in the small towns.

And the stuff that happens in the movie is true in real life. One of my grandparents’ former farm has llamas on it now. One uncle had a Holstein that broke it’s leg stepping in a hole, so out came the rifle. (I wasn’t there at the time but I did eat meat from the cow. Funny how farm folks like to tell you how the animal you’re eating died.) Cousins and such went to schools just like NP’s. (Shoot, I went to first grade in such a school.) Etc. etc.

So it was a falling down funny film for someone like me who knows the SRV well.

I thought it was entertaining in kind of a Revenge of the Nerds way. I really liked the deadpan personalities though, I would like to see some out-takes, I bet they were laughing their asses off.

My favorite line …

Napoleon walks over to the girl sitting in the cafeteria, trying to be cool, he looks at her milk and says, “Do you think you’re fat? You’re drinking one-percent. Only fat people drink one-percent.”

Or something like that, it cracked me up.

Oh yeah, the dance routine near the end was classic too.


Napoleon said, “Are you drinking one percent because you think you’re fat? Because you’re not, you know…you could drink two percent if you wanted to.”
I loved this movie too.

“Maybe I’ll build her a cake or something.”

“This must be like the worst video ever.”
“Like anyone could possibly know that.”

“Why don’t you get some pampers for you and your brother.”

“With a twelve gauge, what do you think!”

As long as there’s a thread open, I have a question. In the scene where Napoleon is working on the chicken farm and they break for lunch. The farmer breaks an egg into a pitcher of yellow liquid and then tastes it. Napoleon tries to drink some and gags.

What was in that pitcher? It looked like orange juice by why did the farmer put an egg in it? (ftg, is that an Idaho thing?)

Or was it a pitcher of eggs? If so, why?

I was really confused by that scene.

It was a jar of eggs. A cheap drink for the farmer snce he had all the eggs.

Jar of eggs, yummmm. Heh.

Yeah, this definitely takes place in the present day—Summer Wheatley’s skit song is “Larger Than Life,” which came out a few years ago. Napoleon’s skit song was “Canned Heat,” which also came out a few years ago, although I’m unsure whether he was really dancing to that or not (the very end of his dance scene confused me).

Kip uses the internet to talk to “babes” (as was previously stated).

Kip’s “fashion” towards the end looks very modern-day hip hop.

I just think it’s a really podunk town that’s behind on the latest trends (not that that’s a bad thing).

“Cause my lips hurt real bad!”

I thought that at the beginning they show Napoleon’s student ID card. I remember seeing only a flash of it, so I thought I missed the year it took place in.

After throwing the steak into Napoleon’s face: “I bet I could throw a football over those mountains.”

No, that’s a “what really poor people do to survive” thing that is generic to the planet. One of my uncles does tell hair-raising stories of what he ate at his grandpa’s ranch (N. of Payette) in the 1930s. But on the other hand, that knowledge helped him survive a forced march across Germany while a “guest” of the Luftwaffe in the winter of 1945.

Sometimes, you just eat what’s available. Location doesn’t matter.

Huh? If you have a jar of raw eggs all you need is fire to make something more appetizing than a jar of raw eggs.

But could you drink it?

My friend worked with the guy who plays Tricia Majorino’s job this past summer. IRL he’s a lawyer for a firm in SoCal.

I mean, Tricia Majorino’s DAD. Not job.

Bender: [at the dinner table] Who wants dolphin? [everyone gasps]
Leela: Dophin! But dolphins are intelligent!
Bender: Not this one. He blew all his money on instant lottery tickets.