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For anyone who has seen the new Chronicles of Narnia movie and has a good memory or who is about to see it: what is depicted on the four thrones? Susan’s looks like a horn and Peter’s looks vaguely sword-like. That would lead me to conjecture that their thrones are all related to their gifts from Father Christmas. However, Edmund did not receieve a gift, so what would be on his throne?

not very helpful pictures:

Didn’t he eventually get something? That is, as it was all preordained, four thrones, four gifts…and he got his once he was redeemed.

I could be completly off here, I’m going by a memory of the book from a million years ago.

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He never did get his present, not counting, k’know…

Aslan letting himself be killed for Edmund’s sake

And apparently Santa never gvae him anything all that great.

In Prince Caspian, when the children re-discover their Christmas gifts in the ruins of Cair Paravel, it is specifically said that Edmund did not get a gift, and it was his own fault that he was not there to get one.

As to the OP, watching the movie I wondered the same thing. The image behind Edmund looks like an airplane. I wonder if it supposed to be a tree? Lucy’s is some kind of circle - a necklace? A crown? The sun?

Peter has the sword, Susan has the horn, Lucy has the cordial bottle, and Edmund…


I’ve sharpened and zoomed in the second picture, and it looks (but I can’t tell for sure) like a modified short sword or some kind of blade, as a counterpoint to Peter’s. It looks like Peter’s sword, only it’s got an angled handle instead of a straight cross-handle. It might be a cross-bow, but I really can’t say.

I concur. I’ve got the “illustrated movie companion”, and there’s a slightly better picture in there. Lucy: bottle, Susan: horn, Peter: sword, Edmund: more different sword.

I always used to wonder what happened to the other part of Lucy’s gift. When she, Susan and Peter first get their Christmas gifts, Lucy received the cordial bottle and a dagger. It doesn’t seem to reappear in Prince Caspian.

thanks! I should have thought of looking for the companion, i did that when i had a question about something in Serenity. i wonder if the thrones were described in the books or if that was just a movie design choice.

I think, that since C.S. Lewis was giving them weapons in the first place very, very reluctantly (“Battles are ugly when women fight” --Father Christmas), it wasn’t that big of an issue to get it back to her for Prince Caspian, as opposed to Susan’s horn or Peter’s sword. Plus, it wasn’t all that important to her character to begin with–she used the cordial much more than she used the dagger.