NASA beams Beatles into space.

Check it out here. My how the times have changed. I’d be interested in hearing people’s reaction to the event.

I like the song and think that the idea of sending it out is kind of cool.

I’ll think about it some more after I get over the image of my father spinning in his grave. He was from those times.

In October of 2016, NASA scientists detected a response to their transmission originating from the region of Alpha Centauri: “Free Bird!!!”


Does anyone know if it’s the ‘regular’ version or the ‘Naked’ version?

I never thought the World Wildlife Fund would seek donations from so far away – perhaps they’re targeting Centaurians who feel pity for us Earthlings and the mess we’re making of our planet?

(The song was originally released on a WWF benefit album.)

Boy is that going to cost them a lot, when the RIAA takes them to court. :smiley: