NASA removes top guy a week before first US based astronaut launch since 2011

He was only hired in October. He is the guy who would have the final no/no go for a launch with humans. Trying to find more on this.

They are claiming he quit but that would be very strange timing. Maybe it was a sex harassment incident.

Potentially libelous speculations unsupported by any evidence or statement are wholly unwarranted.

From the article:The HEO leadership change comes just days ahead of a critical flight readiness review for Demo-2, which Loverro would have overseen. NASA Associate Administrator Steve Jurczyk will oversee that meeting in Loverro’s place, agency officials told

Why would the NASA’s Associate Administrator for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate resign “just days ahead of a critical flight readiness review for Demo-2”? Perhaps he felt that the mission was unlikely to be ready to meet the required risk posture and was unwilling to overlook or accept deviations. Or maybe he was just uncomfortable with the depth of responsibility for approving a crewed mission. Or maybe he had any number of medical or personal issues that would preclude him from paying the necessary amount of attention to the mission. There are any number of reasons for a resignation without reaching deeply into the grab bag of speculations to the sexual harassment card.


Washington Post: “NASA’s human spaceflight chief resigns a week before the first launch of astronauts in a decade”

From the article: *Two people with knowledge of the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the personnel matter said his resignation was spurred when Loverro broke a rule during NASA’s recent procurement of a spacecraft capable of landing humans on the moon.

In an email he wrote to top NASA officials that was obtained by The Washington Post, Loverro wrote that NASA’s mission “is certainly not easy, nor for the faint of heart, and risk-taking is part of the job description.”

He wrote that he took “a risk earlier in the year because I judged it necessary to fulfill our mission. Now, over the balance of time, it is clear that I made a mistake in that choice for which I alone must bear the consequences.”

In an interview, Loverro declined to discuss the exact details of why he resigned.

“It had nothing to do with commercial crew,” he said. “It had to do with moving fast on Artemis, and I don’t want to characterize it in any more detail than that.” Artemis is NASA’s program to return people to the moon.*

the launch is today at 4:30 if the weather is OK

Bad weather, postponed until Saturday at 3:22 PM.