NASA studies human waste removal.

NASA gave prizes for the best ideas of how to remove waste from a spacesuit.

At the end of the article:

How did we get from pooping to “catastrophic” and “save the crew”?

Some of the proposed Orion missions are quite long, long enough for human waste left in contact with skin to cause serious health risks.

Just take notes from Alan Shepard’s first space mission.

My impression from the article is that we are speaking of examples like ten hour spacewalks.

Lovely, stuck on the launchpad for three hours, in a air/water tight suit, marinating in my own piss.

Oh it gets better

Now, when my rocket gets free of earths gravity, my piss is free to take up some free form floating exercises inside my suit.

“ladies and Gentlemen, if i may draw your attention to the floating piss globules in front of you, notice how they slowly rotate changing form in the absence of gravity”

Poor guy

It’s unpolitically correct to say so now, of course, but as Tom Wolfe reported in The Right Stuff, Shepard quipped, “I guess I’m a real wetback now.”

Lengths of rubber tied around the neck, presumably is the first thing required.
Stop polutant reaching helmet part of suit…

I suspect the point is that in the event of something catastrophic happening to the craft, the crew will all need to don spacesuits and live in them for extended lengths of time. Days to weeks to the rest of the mission. So, as a contingency for such a catastrophe, they want to work out how to cope with wearing the suit for that sort of time.

Without any sort of waste mechanism the time in a suit clearly has a limited duration before its operation become untenable. Gemini VII would have sorely strained the limits of endurance.

This. The only time an astronaut may need to poop during a spacewalk is if it’s much longer than is usually allowed, or if the spacewalk was not planned in advance.

A spacewalk ain’t the same as walking your dog.
I’m thinkin’ that the only reason for a taking a spacewalk that was not planned in advance would be a due to something catastrophic.

Yeah, they didn’t exactly call it out explicitly, but I agree. The thinking is that if someone has to work for an extended period in a spacesuit as a result of something catastrophic or in order to remedy said catastrophic event, being able to drop a deuce in the suit without ill effects is probably a necessary capability.

And as for Shepard and his urine… I think the crew of Apollo 10 had it worse.

or maybe John Young on Apollo 16.