NASA: Uh, We Might Have Gotten Some Microbes on Mars.

Thanks to the cock up with the Mars Polar Lander.

Of course, let’s not forget the possibility that Earth and Mars might have exchanged microbes via meteorite impacts since shortly after the two planets formed.

Yeah, but that’s huge ammunition for all the doubting Thomases. There’s gonna be a mental asterisk whenever something more definitive is discovered.

By the way, I just noticed you’re a Gallatian. I’m in Hendersonville, right up the road. Yay for Middle Tennessee!

And I am from Jackson/Cookeville Tennessee.

“You got your Mars-Germs on my Earth!”
“You got your Earth-Germs on my Mars”
“Where’s my anti-cootie spray?!?!1”

Mars: I’m tellllllllling!

If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll find microbes on Mars that are so different from Earth microbes that there will be little doubt they evolved separately from Earth for a long period of time. Otherwise, I guess they’ll always be some doubt. That sucks.

On the bright side, with a little luck, terraforming started yesterday.

The mars microbes will probably make the earth microbes move to “that” side of the planet and use separate water fountains and not let them swim in the martina microbe pools. That always happens to our microbes when they try to better their situation.

There goes the neighborhood!

PREVIEW you big idiot!!!

Martian microbe pools.

It’s so simple, you could just remember it instead of being impulsive and submitting before you read.

No prob.
I just thought that you had too many Martian Microbe Martinis.
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