NASCAR CEO arrested for DUI and drug possession

Not the brightest thing he’s done. And, naturally, he pulled the, “Do you know who I am?” trick.

What an asshole. I wouldn’t recognize him on the street.

Well, given that NASCAR’s origins are about bootleggers outrunning prohibition agents, it kind of makes sense.

Don’t know of any other major US sport that allows fans to bring in their own beer, wine, etc. along with food. Everybody else makes you buy their stuff at inflated prices. Even local race tracks allow you to bring in your own cooler.

I guess it’s OK he was driving a foreign car since Toyota is in NASCAR. :slight_smile: and they won a title too a few years back. But NASCAR fans in general are not big fans of non US car brands.

This is bringing hope to every NASCAR fan. The hope is that he’s gone for good. He’s been a piss poor Chairman. He’s on indefinite leave, which could mean that or could mean he just comes back in 6 months.

Gert rid of the stupid Chase and I might think about watching again. Get rid of the 3 stage thing too and I will watch.

Get rid of the 3 stages and I will stop watching! (Or I guess they could drop the races to 2 hours in length like Formula 1)

The Chase can be retired though.

If they had half the cars going in the opposite direction, Id watch.

Instead of the spotter in the stands, wife/girlfriend in the passenger seat providing driving advice.


Make them stock cars again and I’d watch. And/or have at least half the races road races. Currently, I only watch the road races, and then only if I accidentally stumble upon one as I’m flipping through the channels.

Figure 8. Though either way, the drivers are going to revolt at having to turn right (yes yes, I know, #notalltracks).

Honestly, I can’t blame people for doing this. Yes, it’s arrogant as hell and being famous should never be a reason for being left off the hook.

But the reality is that famous people often do get a pass. So if I was famous and the police pulled me over, I’d give it a shot.

His problem is in that wealthy area of NY there are very few NASCAR fans . They might watch Formula 1 if they watch racing. They probably stick to college FB and NYC teams like the Giants and Yankees. Jets and Mets are more for blue collar new yorkers.

No to mention it worked for him in the past. In 2006, he crashed his Lexus (presumably a different one) in Daytona Beach. He was driving into a restaurant parking lot and crashed into a tree. He claimed he “bumped into something” when drinking a “soda”.

A witness called 911 and reported that he had driven into the lot at a reckless speed and hit a parked car before hitting the tree. He then “fell over his own feet” while trying to get out of the car. Somehow that all was left out of the police report.

I guess the NASCAR CEO is only invincible in NASCAR Land.

there was talk a NASCAR track would be built in NYC area. I think a guy named Trump was going to do it but it never was built.

Plus, even though NASCAR might not be big among most of the residents, the typical police officer might be a fan.

Of course, arresting the CEO is a lot different than arresting your favorite NASCAR driver. I might not want to arrest my favorite athlete, but I’d have no problem arresting Roger Goddell or Gary Bettman.

I’m a little out of the NASCAR news loop, but didn’t Jeremy Mayfield have the same thing happen to him a few years ago, got suspended, then started a downward spiral ending with him in jail?

Gee, I wonder if the ever so upstanding and consistent France family will hold their own to the same standards of their drivers.

NASCAR has long ceased to be just a regional thing. I know plenty of NASCAR fans here in New York.

NASCAR isn’t regional but I’d assume it’s still more of a working class blue collar audience, not the type that summer in the Hamptons.

NASCAR as imagined by Walter Hill and John Frankenheimer. I like it!