NASCAR @Michigan Intl. Speedway - 1st visit question

I’m taking my 11 year old NASCAR “nut-of-a-child” to Michigan International Speedway Sprint Cup race this June and would like to get some feedback from people who may have visited the place with kids or know someone who did.

This would be our first time ever on the actual race track – we do watch every Sprint Cup race on TV at home; the kid a bit more religiously than I do.

What to expect overall? Where to stay during that weekend as we plan to drive from Toronto, Canada and stay two or three days coming back on Monday.

Also, I got Jimmie Johnson package that includes one adult and one U12 child pass to meet Jimmie so what am I to expect.

Tell me about the scanner you can rent to monitor the race - looks pretty awesome piece of technology for true fans.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Are there any local(ie cheap) tracks in your area? It might be a good idea to get your kid and your self an entry level experience in Motor sports if you haven’t.

The reason I say that is a couple sad tails from my friends, and I don’t want to scare you just give you a chance to prepare if possible. They had a kid who was a huge fan and the thing they wanted most was to go see one live, so they planned a NASCAR trip spending $$$. By the time they traveled, parked, dealt with the crowd and the hot weather the kid was already grouchy. Then when the cars fired up the kid totally lost their shit. Those things are freakin loud and they vibrate everything even with earplugs.

The sensory overload just induced a full tantrum reaction, ending all chances for fun. I know one guy who is still bitter for spending 300+ dollars and literally not making it though the pace laps before having to leave with a freaked out kid. But a little “get your feet wet” experience at a local track, can help prepare for the full spectacle before hand.