Some friends and I are making a quick road trip to Nashville next week. We will have most of two days, staying over one night.

Any suggestions for places to go, things, to do, and places to eat? We are luke-warm country music fans, meaning we wouldn’t mind seeing some stuff in that vein but are not interested in the full-on boots ‘n’ hats experience. Please help me plan this trip! Thanks.

What do you like to do? What kind of food do you like to eat? Where will you be staying and do you have a car?


We’re not hard partiers or into the club scene, we’re four early-middle-age chicks. We drink a lot of wine and flip shit at each other. So, shopping, museums, parks, touristy stuff, art, culture whether high or low – you name it. We don’t know much about Nashville. We like to eat everything, preferably with wine or beer. Yes, we’ll have a car.

I’ve only been once, though now that I’m close by I should go more.
If you head downtown to the main strip, it’s just bar after bar and restaurant after restaurant for blocks. Some of them might serve beer or wine :wink:

Just head downtown and walk around until you find something that looks good.

If you go on a Monday night, go see the Time Jumpers at The Station Inn, at 12th ave south and Division St. Shows start around 9 pm.
Almost any night of the week, go to Robert’s Western World on Lower Broadway (the strip) to see world class musicians. They have early shows, 6pm or so. Admission is free, but please put a tip in the band’s jar.
Food: Sitar on West End or Broadway has excellent Indian food… catch the buffet for lunch 7 days a week.
Definitely tour the Parthenon at Centennial park.

The Frist Center Frist Center has some interesting stuff. Cheekwood Art Museum and Botanical Garden should be blooming now.

Nash Trash Tours is a funny white-trash poke at life in the South and Nashville particularly.

There are plenty of non-Country clubs and bars. I’m not much into them, so I can’t recommend much.

Shopping would probably take you to Green Hills (pricy shopping, with boutiques and a few anchor stores or Opryland (Outlet shopping) besides regular mall shopping you can do everywhere.


As for Museums, be sure to see the Parthenon.
Ours isn’t broken.

I’ve only been once as well and this is what I was going to say. The bars on Honky Tonk Row have a lot of really good musicians. Bring change or small bills for those places. The musicians don’t get paid by the bar, they pass around a bucket and you toss some money in if you like what you hear. I don’t like country music much but they were good and they played a lot of rock songs as well.

In addition to what’s already been mentioned, if y’all like historical stuff, you might enjoy a trip to the Hermitage.

A fun day trip might be to Lynchburg to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Lynchburg, TN - Jack Daniel's Distillery Tour: Safe That Killed Daniel

The Nashville area also has several wineries
that might be right up your alley.

The Loveless Cafe is a good place to eat.

The Bluebird Cafe has some good entertainment that isn’t all hats and boots.

Hope you enjoy your trip!

With spoons?