Nasofix, anyone ever tried it?

This is quite strange and I’d never heard of it until today. Is it even real?

Fix your nose in ten minutes a day

Basically you wear this contraption on your nose for ten minutes for ten days, and it promises to fix a number of unsightly cosmetic nose problems. Looking at it is making me reconsider my nose. I thought it was okay but hey if it could look better…

Really I can’t imagine it working though. Just another one of those things for suckers.

I call bullshit.

What’s next? Boobfix? Buttfix? I sure could use a Footfix!

I don’t know but if anyone wants to cover the costs I’ll be a willing guinea pig! :wink:

“This is one product plastic surgeons don’t want you to discover.”

Classic line of the bullshit product.

If you google “nasofix scam” you’ll find they have covered the earth to prevent negative reviews.

In addition to professional recommends you’ll find a bunch of fake blogs and similar purporting to be users doing nasofix before and after evaluation tests. The similarity in the style and construction of the evaluations by purportedly different people is amusing.

Most of the professional recommends are attached to oddball websites.

They are all uniformly “wow it really works”
A scammy, scammy, scam.

The things that bugged me are:
It seems to be a one size fits all type application. I would thing that something like this would have to be custom fit and adjusted every week or so like a DOC Band or those clear braces that fit over your teeth.

The facebook/twitter/etc links have a tagline that says “Sharing is Sexy”

It’s only $30…Even if the device really did work, it would almost have to be more just to add perceived value. I would expect to pay well over $100, perhaps several hundred dollars, remember this is in place of cosmetic surgery.

They’ll ship it to [My Country] without a box to avoid a customs tax…yeah, that seems legit. Can you throw some Viagras and Mexican Percocets in there too!

Yeah I thought it was pretty silly, but interesting nonetheless. I guess retainers work on teeth though and I think it would be harder to move and/or maintain teeth with plastic than your nose.

Wally tried to use a similar device in Leave it to Beaver.

We never found out if it worked for him because a girl complimented his nose before he got too far in to the treatment.

Here is an ad for the device from a real magazine. I guess people have been told their noses suck for ages.

I bought 2 nasofix and used it fir almost 3 mos and NOTHING HAPPENED!!! It didn’t deliver its promise!!! I’m so dumb to believe them!

It didn’t help with your spelling or grammar either.

Wasn’t this an episode of Leave It To Beaver? I’m pretty sure Wally sent away for one.

Ninja’d…by 2 months.

I am a victim of this incorporation!! I purchased the item and was promptly adviced on an article number as a reference for the parcel. After more than 20 days, the parcel never arrived. I contacted nasofix support division who confirmed the item is with the local customs and ask me to wait. Nearly 1 month, there is no parcel and the local post office confirmed that the parcel article number was not in their system!! since then i am demanding for my refund as the article number dont exist nor did i receive any parcel. I purchased/paid on 27 March 2012 and today is 11 May 2012. The nasofix customer service personnel, JIMMY HAIDER has stop even replying me…

i still hope that if at all this company will be responsible enough to refund my money back or at least sent me the item asap. But as ignorant as the customer service officer, JIMMY HAIDER, the company is not responding…

I just got mine, am wearing it now–
its really stretchy, if that makes sense. it looked WAY too small but then i stretched it and it fits over my nose ok.

when i put it on my nose, i thought: CRAP, I WASTED 30 BUCKS because i didn’t feel any heat, but then when i held it in my hands it felt kind of warm against my fingers

idk if it works, its my first day trying it, but i did have some shipping problems- USPS can be so dumb sometimes…

anyway, i think its worth a try to anybody, i don’t regret buying it; even if it doesn’t work, what I did with my Hong Kong pink version, I taped it down really tight to my nose, so it was a tight mold, and I slept with that on. at the very least, it can do that…

oh wait. now as i type i start to feel a hot sensation…ouch!!! beauty is pain!! D:

I fell for it, wanting it to work. Well, guess what? No heat was deposited from this gadget. No results either. I wore as instructed with high hopes! Now to see about a money reimbursement. I wonder if this will fall through as well? Live and Learn!

Sure, but how does your nose look?

…wait, what? I’m never very shocked when the SDMB gets spammed on a topical thread, but this is weird. The posts read like astroturfed negative reviews.

What’s the angle here?

I regularly recommend to people to Google <company name> and scam and check what comes up. So I tried this too, and boy you are right. Absolutely amazing what a SEO job they’ve done to cover themselves.

No company that is not a scam needs to do that. It’s like any MLM-ish company that says “This is not a pyramid scheme.” is a pyramid scheme.

Cut her a break, dude. Her nose gets in the way while typing.:frowning: