Natalee Holloway and the rocks on the ocean floor

So, new pictures from somebody’s snorkeling trip to Aruba are being interpreted as Natalee Holloway’s remains.


So. Is this just a bunch of rocks?

It looks like a bunch of rocks to me. Frankly, I think if the person taking the picture didn’t interpret it as a skeleton when they were right there, it is more likely just something that looks this way from that angle.

It’s just a bunch of rocks. 5 years is way too short a time for bones to get covered with hard marine growth. Plus you’d certainly expect a body in the open ocean to be “disturbed” enough for the bones to be disarticulated & separated. The Aruba police are just claiming they’ll check it out to avoid more bad press.

meh. looks like Jesus to me.

Looks like Squidward to me.

Those rocks over there look to me like the map of British Honduras on the Caribbean. . . that rock up there looks a little like the profile of Thomas Eakins, the famous painter and sculptor. . . and that group of rocks over there gives me the impression of the stoning of Stephen. . . I can see the Apostle Paul standing there to one side. . . .

This doesn’t even vaguely look like skeletal remains to me, though admittedly I’m not a forensic pathologist. The one shape is kinda round like a skull, maybe in the most general sense. The rest doesn’t look anything like I’d imagine a torso or limbs to look like.

It’d be remarkable if, given the massive resources that went into finding this girl, if a pair of tourists found her body in an area frequented by scuba outings. It’d be like one of those old guys on the beach with a metal detector finding Jimmy Hoffa.

Seems to me that a skeleton would be quickly disarticulated by scavengers. Also, I know that studies of whale falls revealed several types of marine worms that feed on bone. I wonder how quickly human bone would be consumed?

I was going to say I saw a ducky and a horsey, but I changed my mind. :wink:

If those are skeletal remains in the picture, is there any reason to assume that they belong to Natalee Holloway? Are there no other missing persons cases in Aruba? Anyway, I think they’re rocks.

A Simulacrum caused by Pareidolia.

Now I wish I’d submitted it to the* Fortean Times*. Prolly too late by now.

Hey! I got the references, even if many younger people didn’t.

Do they seriously think her remains would just sit there undisturbed and recognizable for all this time? To me, it looks like some kind of melanoma.

Me too. Well played, gentlemen.